why did you choose me?

OMG!! I was adopted by druggies!! No wonder I got bullied like every hour of my life.
But at least I'm going to a concert tomorrow to see one direction!!!

Millie thinks its just a normal day of fun until Louis Tomlinson meets her and locks his gaze and heart on her. what will happen?


4. A fainting Harry

~~next day~~

-Harry's P.O.V-(surprise surprise!)

WOW! That's all I can say really. That girl is beautiful. Wait, Harry, get a hold of yourself! She is Louis' girl, not yours!! Speak of the Angel.

"hi Harry, what ya makin'?" Millie asked me.

"pancakes with a selection of toppings, sprinkles, ice cream, syrup and nutella" I told her.

"Mmm, smells lush, are you flipping them?" she asked me.

"yeah just got to let them flatten out properly first though" I said to her.

after a while I had made about 40 pancakes and Niall had got 10 when the rest of us only got 6, after all he is always a hungry fella. Just when I was about to ask her on a date Louis barged in the kitchen looking so red that he was about to explode!

"What's wrong Boo-Bear?" she asked him looking concerned.

"Simon saw pictures of us, Harry and Taylor and Zayn and Perrie, so they want us to dump our girlfriends!" he explained to us both.

"What the fuck that is bull-shit!" we heard Zayn shout"I am not giving up Perrie for that douche of a career owner so he can bugger off!".

"I'm not giving up on you Millie coz you are my one and only!" Louis said to her and then they all turned to me...what was I to say I mean I broke up with her but she forced herself onto me and I tried to push her off but it didn't work at all!

"HARRY!" I heard Liam shout "are you okay dude?!".

That was all I heard before I blacked out.

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