Baby Come Back...Dont Leave...

Alice was a cheer leader along with her 4 girls in high school...Niall was a football player along with his 4 buds...All of them dating eachother..Niall and Alice are single...Will they fall in love? Read to find out!


3. Wait What?!?!?!

📚Chapter 2📚

I get all my books and head to my first period class. Whats funny is that in my first class, me, Harry, Crystal, my sister (Amy), Jade, and all our friends are all in the same class. I think thats funny but you might not. I walk into my first period class and instantly see Crystal on Harry's lap. I also see Niall in the seat right next to mine.

Im not gonna lie..I have a huge crush on Niall. He's on the football team. Same with Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Harry. All 5 of them are on the football team. Me, Amy, Jade, Crystal, and Hannah are all cheerleaders. All 10 of us are really good friends, some of us are more than friends though.

Crystal and Harry are dating. Liam and Jade are dating.

Amy and Louis are dating. Hannah and Zayn are dating. I like Niall and people tell me that Niall likes me too, but high school has rumors.

I go to my seat and Niall smiles at me.

"Hey" Niall says.

"Hey" I say back to him.

"I need to ask you something" Niall nervously says.

"K. Ask away" I giggle and sit down.

Niall's POV

I look at the clock. Holy shit!! I have 20 minutes to pick up Alice and get ready! I run up the stairs and plug my phone in the charger. I text Alice and tell her what were gonna be doing.

To Alice:

Hey, were gonna go bowling so dress comfy. :)

From Alice:

Good thing im already wearing shorty shorts and a tank top with a jean jacket.

To Alice:

Im might have you change your shorts!! haha :)

From Alice:

Jealous much?

I laugh and put on a Ireland t-shirt. I grab my now 100% phone and grab my wallet and run downstairs. I get my keys and put my shoes on. I get in my car and start the car.

Alice's POV

I put on my boots and grabbed my phone. I have 10 minutes until Niall picks me up any way so I might as well go for a quick walk. I go out side and lock the door. I go down the drive way and start walking deep into the woods and see something that I really didn't want to see. After 15 minutes went by I started walking back to my house. When I get there I notice Niall's car and Niall at the door.

I wipe my tears and go up to my door.

"Hey Niall" I say and he jumps. "Sorry I took so long" I chuckle.

"Hey. Where were you?" He asked and my face went pale.

"I was in the woods." I look down.

"Why?" He asks a little confused.

"Crystal is in the woods crying. She wants Harry there with her but I don't have his number." I look up.

"Here I'll text him and we can spend time with Crystal until Harry comes over." Niall takes out his phone.

"Okay follow me" I say and start walking to where Crystal is.

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