Just a girl and her horse.

When Cathryn gets on a plane to go to college for riding, she meets each member of the band One direction. She doesn't love them but she doesn't hate them. On the plane ride Harry and Niall are on either side of her. Will she fall hard for one of them or will both of them fall hard for her? Read to find out.


9. Chapter 9: Will I Ever Stop Loving You?

Cathryn's POV

We talked to the boys and then Perrie and I decided to forget today and start fresh with the boys but she was still engaged and having her wedding next month. Two mixers and two directioners got to go to the wedding, how exciting.

"Wanna get some dinner? I'm hungry let's get Nando's." Niall said. "Ok, and no surprise their your always hungry and I'm the mood for Nando's." I said and Perrie and I laughed with the boys.

We got to Nando's and waited shortly to be seated at a booth for 7 people. We ate dinner and went back to the house to watch movies.

Perrie and I say next to each other because we were watching the movie Insidious and it's sequel. Perrie and I got scared so we grabbed each other while all of the boys laughed at us. Harry went to the bathroom and five minutes after he came back and sat down, the power went out. We all screamed and while the boys went to the basement to find the fuse box, Perrie and I decided to have a little fun and hide in the barn.

We entered the barn and I headed for Tenny's stall while Perrie headed for Tommy's stall. We heard Louis unmistakably scream "THEY'RE GONE!!! WE HAVE TO FIND THEM!!!!!!!" Perrie and I laughed and kept quiet when we heard foot steps and saw a flash light. We hid behind our laying horses and when Niall was infront of my stall facing Ruby's stall and when Zayn was infront of Perrie's stall facing Cole's stall, Perrie and I silently counted to three then whispered "Boo!" Into their ears and they turned around and didn't scream so they wouldn't scare the horses, and then while Niall grabbed me and ran to the house and into my room with Louis and Liam following, Perrie darted following us locking the door to my room and we all hid in the bath tub. We all screamed to scare Zayn and Harry but Harry said he'd be back so we let Zayn in and locked Harry out leaving him terrified. He broke the door to my bedroom which sucks cuz I liked it but whatever it must happen a lot cuz they have a closet full of spares. Well anyways, just Perrie and I screamed and then said "Help, anyone, help...please!" And we made it sound like it faded. The boys, Perrie, and I all got in the tub behind the shower curtain and then Harry barged through my now broken bathroom door and we came out yelling boo scaring the crap out of him. Gotta love scaring people! Then the lights suddenly went on and the boys security guard Paul, who was asleep while this all happened, walked into the room to make sure everything was ok. We said yes and then the boys went to their rooms for a talk and decided to have a sleepover in there so Perrie and I went back to the ranch on Tenny and Tommy and had a sleepover for ourselves.

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