Just a girl and her horse.

When Cathryn gets on a plane to go to college for riding, she meets each member of the band One direction. She doesn't love them but she doesn't hate them. On the plane ride Harry and Niall are on either side of her. Will she fall hard for one of them or will both of them fall hard for her? Read to find out.


6. Chapter 6: Loving Him.

Cathryn's POV

"Have you ever ridden before?" I asked him. "Yeah I did a trail ride but I had a saddle." He said. "Ok well hold on cause were gonna gallop." I said. "Ok."

When we got back I regroomed Tenny after I put him back on the cross ties. I put the saddle pad on his back, followed bye the wool half-pad. I then set my dressage saddle on him. I started to hum Turn Your Face by Little Mix while I attached Tenny's girth to the saddle. I then undid the crossties, took off Tenny's halter and put the reins over his head and putting the bridle's bit in his mouth. I buckled the nose and throat latch on his bridle before putting on my gloves and walking into the arena.

Niall walked in and watched me tighten Tenny's girth. That's when I started to sing Turn Your Face by Little Mix instead of humming it.

In my memory, all the small things, like daggers in my mind. In my memory, what my head believes, the words I'll never find, that I always meant to say to you I can't, cause you turned your face and now I can't feel you anymore, turn your face so now I can't see you anymore, walk away, until your not standing at my door, turn your face, walk away, and stay, turn your face.

"You have a beautiful voice." I turned around to see Niall standing at the arena door. "Thanks, but I think I suck." I said. "No you don't, don't say that. Your voice is absolutely beautiful!" He said. "Fine, thanks...happy?" I smiled and he just giggled. I was walking towards the mounting block after I adjusted my stirrups and remembered that I forgot my crop. I started walking towards the door to the arena to get it. "What do you need, love?" Asked Niall. "Just my crop." I said as I unbolted the door. "No, I'll grab it. Where is it?" He asked. "In the tack room on the shelf next to Tenny's extra halter and the lunge line. Oh and can you grab the lunge line, too?" I asked. "Ok, and yeah sure." "Thanks."

Niall came back and handed me the crop and lunge line. I set the crop down on the bleachers in the corner of the arena where Niall was sitting which the boys insisted on getting put in. "Don't you need this babe?" Niall asked me. "No I'm going to lunge Tenny before I ride, he seems a bit tense still. So I hooked the lunge line to Tenny's bridle and started lunging him. When I was done I got a few bucks out of him which I guess scared the crap out of Niall cause I heard him scream a little but not enough to spook my Tennybear:)<3!!!!

I walked back over to Niall on the bleachers after I coiled the lead rope and set if down. "Ni, can you hand me the polo wraps that are one the shelf behind you?" I said. "Sure, love. Which color?" He asked. "The blue one or the red ones please." "Ok here babe." He said. I quickly put the polo's on Tenny's front and hind fetlocks as Niall looked at me in astonishment probably because of how fast I put them on Tenny. I quick grabbed my crop, put the cooler on Tenny and mounted up.

I warmed Tenny up, which didn't take long cuz I galloped him, and then I walked over to Niall and took off the cooler and hung it on the railing after I folded it. I clucked my tongue and squeezed Tenny to get him trotting. After trotting twice around the ring, I lightly tapped Tenny with the crop and he swiftly changed into a smooth canter with the gait of a rocking horse. Because Tenny is a Tennessee Walker Horse, he can pace too! Only Arabians and Tennessee Walker Horses can pace. I did my dressage routine to the music and then I flat worked Tenny and decided to switch saddles and practice my hunter jumper course for my entry into the college.

"Niall can you go get my other saddle from the tack room please?" "Sure thing babe." "Thanks." I called after him. I couldn't understand why he kept calling me "babe" though, it was weird and it sent shivers/chills down my back/spine when ever he called me that. But I don't mind the nickname.

Niall came back and I quickly changed the dressage saddle with the English one. I set the dressage saddle down and quickly did the girth for the English saddle.

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