Just a girl and her horse.

When Cathryn gets on a plane to go to college for riding, she meets each member of the band One direction. She doesn't love them but she doesn't hate them. On the plane ride Harry and Niall are on either side of her. Will she fall hard for one of them or will both of them fall hard for her? Read to find out.


24. Chapter 22: Being Mobbed for the First Time

Cathryn's POV

When we got to the mall Niall got out of the car while I was putting everything back into my purse. It all fell out when we took a sharp turn a block away from the mall. Anyways, Niall opened my door and held his hand out for me. I took it and thanked him. "Thank you Niall." I said. "Anything for you babe." He replied and smiled. I giggled. When we got in the mall I instantly ran towards the first thing I saw, a Starbucks. "Wait up!" Niall said and chuckled.

"Welcome to Starbucks what can I get you?" Said the cashier. "I'll get a medium green tea." Niall said and I giggled. He gave a glare that meant "why are you laughing at me?" I just laughed and mouthed the word "later". "And you miss." The cashier said. "I'll have a grande java chip frappe chino and two cake pops, chocolate and vanilla." I said. "And the names?" The cashier said. "Niall and Cathryn." I replied. "Alright, the drinks will be right out." The cashier said handing me the bag with the cake pops. "Thanks!" I said. "Why were you laughing at me?" Niall said. "Because you said 'I'll have a medium green tea.'" I said laughing. "So what." He said and laughed. "I ain't no 'Classic White Girl'" Niall said and we laughed. After we got our drinks we headed out of Starbucks to go shop. "Have a great day!" Said the cashier. "Thanks!" Niall and I said. "Where to first?" Niall said intertwining our fingers. "How about Forever 21?" I said. "Alright, fine." Niall said. "Yay!" I said and we began skipping to Forever 21. When we walked in I noticed there was a sale going on. The entire store was up to 75% off. I started to walked towards the back of the store and look at the high waisted shorts and jeans, crop tops, and skater skirts. "Oh my gosh, this would make the perfect outfit for my birthday party!" I said as Niall came came walking over. My birthday was in a month but I really liked the outfit. The outfit was floral print skater skirt and a peach, strapless, crop top. "Then get it." Niall said in a 'duh' tone. "But it's $60.00 all together, I don't wanna waste money." I said walking away from the rack that the outfit was on. I went up the stairs and picked out a cute strapless dress that was maroon with a sparkly belt. I also grabbed a pair of three button high waisted jeans in blue, white, red, and a fourth pair in with the American flag on the front and a British flag on the back.

I grabbed a couple crop tops and headed off to the cashier with Niall no where in sight. I paid for the clothes, which ended up being a total of $139.85, and headed to the front of the store. I saw Niall sitting outside the store and went up to him. "Hey, why'd you leave the store without tell me?" I said pretending to pout. "Oh sorry babe, I was hungry so I got some pretzel bites. Want any?" He said shoving a paper cup my way. "Sure." I said smiling and eating quite a few. "Oh yeah, here. I got you this." Niall said. "What's this?" I asked confused as to why he was handing me a Forever 21 bag. "You'll see, just open it." He said and smirked. "Alright, fine." I said and looking in the bag. It was the outfit that I had wanted. "Oh my gosh Niall thank you so much but I can't accept this, it was way too much money." I said trying to give him the bag. "No, just think of it as an early birthday present." He said. "Ugh fine. Thank you. I love you." I said giving Niall a kiss on the cheek.

After we went to a few stores a couple of fans noticed Niall and I and so did the paps. "Keep your head down and don't let go of my waist." Niall said wrapping is arm around my waist as I did the same to him. A pap grabbed my wrist and tried to pull me his way. I winced in pain from the stitches and what not. "Ow." I said. By instinct Niall tightened his grip on my waist and hit the paps arm so he would let go. "Thanks." I mumbled a tears threatened to pour down my cheeks. When we got to the car Niall quickly opened my door and let me in and got in the drivers side. He buckled up and started the car while I buckled up. While Niall drove, I kept looking out the window. "What's wrong?" Niall asked squeezing my thigh. "My arm hurts a little bit, nothing a little aspirin can't do." I said. "You sure?" Niall said concerned. "Yup, positive." I said and smiled.

Niall pulled into the Nando's parking lot that was connected to a Dover saddlery parking lot. "Let's go." Niall said opening my car door. "Alright." I said. "But can we go to Dover after, please?" I asked. "Why?" Niall said intertwining our fingers. "We're going there now." Niall said and grinned. I instantly smiled. I noticed that there was a tent sale going in outside so I would look there and then head into the actual tack shop itself.

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