Just a girl and her horse.

When Cathryn gets on a plane to go to college for riding, she meets each member of the band One direction. She doesn't love them but she doesn't hate them. On the plane ride Harry and Niall are on either side of her. Will she fall hard for one of them or will both of them fall hard for her? Read to find out.


20. Chapter 20: Setting the Dates.

Cathryn's POV

"Hey Ni," I said as I softly knocked on the bathroom door. "Yeah Princess." I heard him say over the sound of the showers' water. "Can I come in a second?" I said. "Yeah, sure." I walked into the bathroom and began to talk. "Niall, I need to tell you something when your done showering, but don't rush, it's not that important." I said. "You sure?" He replied. "Yup, totally positive." I said as I walked of the bathroom shutting the door. Little did he know that it was about me and something far more serious than I think that he could bear.

About a half hour later I heard the water finally shut off. "Finally!" I joked as Niall walked out of the on suite and into our bedroom to get changed. He only had the towel wrapped around his waist. Every time I see him shirtless I get goosebumps. As I stared in awe, Niall began to wave his arms around in front of me while I was zoning out. "Ya like what ya see." He said and winked as soon as I shook out of my 'trance'. "Maybe." I said and giggled. After Niall got dressed we sat down to talk. "So what did you want to tell me?" Niall asked. "Oh yeah, I forgot. I'm sure it'll come to me." Little did he know that I was lying about forgetting it. "But for now let's set a date for the wedding and start making a list of people who are coming besides you family." "And your family." He added. "No, there not gonna ruin my only ever relationship." I said as I started to tear up. "Oh, darlin' I'm sorry, I just thought, never mind, I'm sorry." Niall said sincerely. "That's ok. I love you." I said and kissed him passionately on the lips. "Mmmm, I love you too baby girl." He replied. "Okay so how about we choose a date now. When do you want to get married, like what season?" I asked. "Umm I'd prefer the summer, what about you?" Niall said. "I was thinking the same thing. Like in the middle of august ya know?" "Yeah. How's August 17?" Niall said confidently. "It's perfect." I said. "Alright then it's settled. We'll do the rest of the planning later. Ok?" Niall said. "Yup. Can I talk to you now?" I said unsure. "Of course. You can trust me, you know that, right?" Niall said. "Yeah, of course. Be right back." I said going to grab the laptop. "Back." I said walking back into the living room to sit on the couch with Niall. "I need to show you something Niall." I said. "Ok, what is it?" He said. "It's about Twitter." I said uncomfortably. I could tell that Niall had already known what was coming. "Go on." He said swallowing hard. "Well, besides the fact that Perrie blocked me, it's the hate again Niall." I said. By instinct he wrapped me in a hug as I burst into tears. He began to scroll through my feed and read all the hate. I could tell he was crying because I could feel hot tears running down my forehead. "I'm so sorry that this ever happened to you Princess, I promise you, I'll take care of it." He said. "But what about your hate?" I questioned. "I don't get much anymore. I block all of the haters." He said. "I would but there's just so many." I said. "That's not all Niall." I said and sniffled. "Winter is the only reason why I'm wearing long sleeves, Niall." I said as I slowly rolled up my sleeves and revealed my freshest cuts. I could tell Niall was hurt. He started to tear up. "I'm sorry." I managed to get out before I collapsed onto the ground and brought my knees to my chest. Niall instantly picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his torso, I couldn't take it anymore, seeing him in pain. "I'm sorry." I repeated myself multiple times before he set me done on our bed. I layed down and he layed next to me. I silently cried. "It's ok Princess, I'll live you no matter what. I promise. And I'm sorry that this happened to you. I know it's not your fault. But for now, let's just not think about it and let's just cuddle for now, ok?" He asked politely as he kissed the crown of my head. "Ok." I said. Niall patted his chest signaling for me to come cuddle up to him. He kissed my forehead, my temples, and then my chin. He then kissed my nose and then kissed my lips. I love you Princess, forever and always Darlin', forever and always." He said. "I love you too." I said. I laid my head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me and embraced me into a warm, cuddly, tight hug. I began to get sleepy even though I had woken up a few hours before. I yawned. "You tired?" Niall asked me. I only nodded and yawned again. "Go to sleep then. I won't leave you, I promise." Niall said. "Ok, I love you Ni." I said as my eyelids began to feel heavier and droopy. "I love you too darlin'." He replied. And with that I fell asleep along with him a couple seconds after taking a selfie of me and him while I was falling asleep.

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