Just a girl and her horse.

When Cathryn gets on a plane to go to college for riding, she meets each member of the band One direction. She doesn't love them but she doesn't hate them. On the plane ride Harry and Niall are on either side of her. Will she fall hard for one of them or will both of them fall hard for her? Read to find out.


19. Chapter 19: Yes, Yes, Yes, of Course Yes.

Cathryn's POV

"Because..." Niall paused. "Because what Niall, come on get it out." I said rushing him a little bit. "Maybe I should save it for another day." Niall said going to turn off the light. "No Niall, I'm sorry, I'm just tired. It's my first night back you know" I said sincerely. "Okay," Niall said turning the light back on. "Listen Cathryn, I know we've had our ups and downs but, I really love you and would die if anything ever happened to you again. If you left us earlier today, I wouldn't have been able to recover and most likely would've died myself. But most importantly, what I'm trying to say is, I love you so much. Will you marry me?" Niall finished. "OH MY GOSH YES, YES, YES, OF COURSE YES!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH NIALL." I said jumping into to him after he got up from being on one knee and put the ring on my finger. "Woah, woah, take it easy Princess. Now you'll be my Princess forever. I love you darlin'." Niall said. "I love you, too." I said. We began to make out but I got tired and we had to stop. Oops. "You ok?" Niall asked concerned. "Yeah, just a little bit tired from everything in the past couple hours if you know what I mean." I said. "Yeah, I understand." Niall replied. "Can we go to bed now?" I said after yawning. "Of course baby girl." Niall said kissing the crown of my head after we got into bed and I laid my head on his chest. "I love you." I said. "I love you, too." Niall said as I fell asleep on his chest with his arm wrapped around me and him playing with my hair.

Niall's POV

I woke up early this morning to make Cathryn breakfast. I'm letting her sleep in because Tenny, Tommy, and Aries will be at Scott's friend Kelsey's barn for a month and she can't ride for two weeks because of the accident anyways. I decided on making her favorite pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes. I mixed the batter made ten pancakes and ate five of them. I gave the other five to Cathryn along with a glass of orange juice. I walked up the stairs and into our master bedroom. I set the tray of breakfast on the night stand next to Cathryn's side of our California King size bed. I gently shook Cathryn to wake her up. "Yeah?" She said raspily. "Sorry to wake you Princess, I made you breakfast." I said. "Oh Ni, you didn't have to." She replied. "Don't worry about it, I'll do absolutely anything for my Princess because my princess deserves the best." I said before I kissed her fore head and gave her, her breakfast. "Now eat up, we have planning to do today, ok?" I said. "Ok, go shower. I'll shower after you when I'm done eating ok?" She said. "You sure you don't wanna join?" I jokingly asked and winked. "No ya freak. Now go shower." She said laughing at my statement. "Okay, love you Princess." I said. "I live you to Nialler." She replied.

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