Just a girl and her horse.

When Cathryn gets on a plane to go to college for riding, she meets each member of the band One direction. She doesn't love them but she doesn't hate them. On the plane ride Harry and Niall are on either side of her. Will she fall hard for one of them or will both of them fall hard for her? Read to find out.


10. Chapter 10: The Sleepovers.

Cathryn's POV

Me and Perrie are riding back to the ranch and we get there in about 20 minutes because we galloped for the first five minutes and cantered and trotted for the rest of the way. Once we got to the ranch me and Perrie untack Tommy and Tenny. "You want help?" I ask Perrie as I lead Tenny back into his stall and finish grooming him. "Sure." I smile and help Perrie groom Tommy. She leads him back into his stall and we take our tack and put it away in the tack room along with our grooming boxes.

Perrie is in the kitchen making food and drinks so I'm in the home theatre picking the movie. We decided on the movie Brave because it's our favorite movie EVER! "We're watching brave!" I yell as Perrie walks back in. We start the movie and eat the snacks and drink our drinks while the movie plays. We get more popcorn from the popcorn maker in the theater and when the movies over, we clean up and change into our pajamas. "Can we sleep in the barn tonight in the hay loft Perrie?" I asked "I was just gonna ask you that! So yes let's go feed the horses and then go tell ghost stories up in the loft." She said. We walked up the stairs with our sleeping bags and flashlights and pillows. We told a few ghost stories and decided to tell one more and then go sleep with Tommy and Tenny. We finished up and moved downstairs to the stalls. We laid down text to our horses and began to sing the chorus of Half a Heart by One Direction.

Only half a blue sky, kinda there but not quite, I'm walking around with just one shoe, I'm half a heart without you, half a man at best, with half an arrow in my chest, cuz I miss everything we do, I'm half a heart without you.

We fell asleep the second we finished singing, and woke up to 5 singing and 5 dancing boys.

Niall's POV

So the boys and I decided to go to Cathryn and Perrie's ranch and surprise them with breakfast. They weren't in there rooms so we figured they slept in the hay loft. We didn't see them there so Zayn and I began to freak! We heard snoring coming from Tommy and Tenny's stalls so we decided to peek in. Sure enough, there were Perrie and Cathryn snuggling up to there horses. We sang to them softly then started to dance and they both woke up while their horses only sat up. We ate breakfast and the boys and I decided we'd go back to our house with the girls and go for a trail ride. But something changed our minds.

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