Swapped |1D, JB and 5sos fanfiction| DISCONTINUED

Crystal Peridot, is in love with one direction and Justin Bieber, all she does is sit behind a computer screen fangirling over them, typical teenager, but her normal life, is gone too soon, you want to know why? Its all in this book. But I'll give you a clue;
An average of 12 newborns are given to the wrong parents everyday.


1. Chapter one.


Crystals POV

The ride to the airport was pretty slow, I was bored as hell, my phone was dead, we still had 1 whole hour till we got there, I wanted to sleep, but I wasn't really in the most comfortable position. So for the 2 hour trip, I sat in my place, thinking about Justin Bieber, I really wanted to meet him but my parents wouldn't let me, because 'he's a bad influence', he really isn't though!

Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Crystal Peridot, I'm in love with Justin Bieber, One Direction and 5sos. blonde/brown hair, with blue and pink streaks, I have blue/green eyes, I'm basically that girl that sits at the back of the class, the one that always has her head down, the really shy one that is too afraid to ask to borrow a pencil. We all know one of those. I don't have many, or any friends, I'm bullied, I cut. No one notices, I'm good at hiding the cuts, fake a smile, I'm only alive because of the boys, they give me hope in life, that's it, not much going on in my life.





Okay there's the first chapter, and it kinda sucks, but it gets better!!! I just had to introduce her!

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