Swapped |1D, JB and 5sos fanfiction| DISCONTINUED

Crystal Peridot, is in love with one direction and Justin Bieber, all she does is sit behind a computer screen fangirling over them, typical teenager, but her normal life, is gone too soon, you want to know why? Its all in this book. But I'll give you a clue;
An average of 12 newborns are given to the wrong parents everyday.


4. Chapter four.

I woke up in a white room, the constant beeping sound giving me a headache, not that I didn't already have one. My whole body felt numb, my throat was dry, and I felt so hungry like I haven't properly eaten for years. I just wanted to close my eyes, and never wake up again, as much as I would love to live the rest of my life, I knew that I couldn't, I knew that I had lost my whole family, and that I wouldn't have anywhere to go after this, I'd end up dyeing of starvation on the streets.


"Oh, you're finally awake!" an unfamiliar male voice said bringing me back to reality.

I opened my mouth and tried to speak but nothing came out.

"We all thought you wouldn't make it!!" He continued.

He was tall, his hair was brown and he had a smile on his face, not a fake smile though, it was real, his chocolate brown eyes looked almost as if they were glowing. He looked extremely attractive. He looked like he was in his mid-20's.

I must have been staring at him for a long time because I didn't notice that 5 other doctors/nurses had walked in and were all standing around 'my bed'.

"So Crystal, what year do you think it is?"

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