More Than Just A Friend

its a surprise ;)


1. The X-Factor

I was laying in bed when i heard yelling,"stop stop you'll wake up Karla." My mother was yelling at my father,they were fighting.They were in between a divorce.I was only 10 but i knew things i shouldn't have known. My father was abusive to my mother same with me.My mother left us that night i htought i was alone and that i was left to die in the house with the man who hit me.that 6 years ago and now i'm standing here with my best friend Liam Payne. He was aditioning for the X-Factor. He passed to boot camp we were all so happy.His family new my past all the bad memories they just didnt know about the abusing. that was the tip of the ice,no one not even Liam knew i self harmed too. While we were at the compitition i noticed Liam looked worried. I walked over and rubbed his back,"you'll be okay i know you will" i said to him.When the time came to choose who passed Liam didn't.Our smiles turned to frowns.But something happened Liam and 4 other boys were called back. they were grouped together One Direction was born. They all came running back yelling," we made it we made it" Liam then hugged everyone. I hugged as he lifted me off the ground and spun me around in happiness i giggled as he put me down.Then a curly haired boy came along his eyes such a beautiful ,"uhh..ummm..i was just wondering if you could go to my families farm house we could all get to know each other more the other lads already said alright...oh she could come too if she likesand my name is Harry" he said in a soothing voice.Liam said sure and turned at me with a pleading expression i giggled and agreed.A few days passed untilwe arrived at the farm house. Liam brought his baggage while i brought mine and my guitar.


this is a story that i hope you all like and please tell me what you think. Im really hoping you all like it because i tried my best and i am also hoping to write more. btw i will start to call all my fans falconers 

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