More Than Just A Friend

its a surprise ;)


2. The Farm House

As soon as Harry saw us come in he showed us to our room.I was surprised to see that my room was the same as Harry's just different beds of course.I laid my bag in my bunk and and looked around it was warm outside but i knew it was gonna get cold.A few hours passed of me and the other boys exploring while harry showed us around. It was around 8:00 pm when the boys decided to build a bond fire outside the house.It was getting so naturally i asked for a blanket.Harry smiled and snuggled up beside me with a blanket covering both of us. Liam looked surprised,yet had a slight smirk on his face.I blushed and said,"thanks i appreciate it Harry" he just smiled.I was very shy around him because he was very cute and handsome he was also very fun but i didn't think he liked me. So i kept quiet. That night we were all wrapped in a warm blankets. Niall and i were playing our guitars to tunes we both knew he was just a bit better at guitar than i was though. The lads were all singing and harmonizing perfectly.After a few songs the boys finally fell asleep or so i thought. I then decided to play introducing me by Nick Jonas before i knew it i was singing it,"I'm,I'm good at wasting time i think lyrics. I have to rhyme, and you're not asking but I'm trying to grow my hair long. I eat cheese but only on pizza please. I really like you when the moon looks like a toenail, i love it when you say my name." I was cut off by a small peck on my cheek It was Harry,"I love your voice" he said with a slight smile on his face."Uhh...umm..thank you...but i don't really have talent" I responded with rosie cheeks and my head down. He looked at me and said,"you have a wonderful, even though you've only been here a day i can see why you and Liam are such good friends..." i looked at I'm baffled and asked why? "Well because of your personality,humor,beauty,and talent" he said i so shy and sorta proud. A few moments after that i heard a sleepy,raspy voice,"c'mon we should go inside and get some rest we have a big day tomorrow" it was Louis. We all then went into our rooms and crawled into bed. A few days then passed and they had to go to the judge's house to adition.


 alright here is chapter 2 this took me forever to type because my computer kept freezing. Hope you all like ~

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