One Direction & Me

This is a story about a girl called perrie Edwards. who lives with her Aunty Mary. Perrie is in a band.

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13. Taking my baby home!

**Alexa's POV**


Today I was going home with my baby boy Luke his room thank god I made the room all nice , I got up and got dressed  into this > 

The nurse came in with Luke and I got hold of him and saw Perrie and Jade outside and they got my bags I kept rocking Luke back and forth , and we got into Perrie's car : 

Finally I put Luke to sleep after 2 hours of rocking back and forth and finally we were driving to go home. I was very sleepy. 


*1 Hour Later*


I woke up by Luke crying because he was hungry , I took him outside and into his room and I took out my boob and he drank from it , I rocked him back after he was finished I covered myself up and got him upwards and carried him and patted his back so he could burp , I heard a little burp and I looked at him and he was smiling a little bit how cute I thought.


I changed his diaper because it as full , I then put some nappy rash cream and baby powder. I put the last diaper on , so I will ask Liam and Niall to go and buy more baby stuff for me when they come back , Andy was always with me but he had to go back to the interview after he saw me in hospital. 


I put Luke into the bed and I put the covers over him he was sleeping so soundly , I yawned and I looked at the door frame nobody was there , I'm pretty sure Perrie was standing there but maybe my mind is going, I laied down onto the couch in my baby's boy Luke's room and curled up and fell asleep.


**Liam's POV**


I can't believe my sister is an EMO but I will love her and nothing can change that we came home and Perrie and Jade but the fingers on the lips and I whispered " Why do we have to be quiet Perrie and Jade". "We have to because Alexa is trying to Luke to sleep , he has been crying for 3 hours tonight and wouldn't stop I saw you the room that she did everything by herself". Perrie said , After she said "By herself". I feel really guilty because I was at the interview and not with Alexa but tomorrow is the wedding and I can't wait and I am walking her down the ale because I am her big brother and I saw to god if Andy cheats on her or something he will get it.


We all followed Perrie , I meant Harry , Niall , Louis , Jade and Zayn was at front with Perrie and we watched her every move and when she put there baby to sleep , she looked at the door frame and we quickly hid , We then saw she was fast asleep with no covers , I went inside to see my little Nephew Awe he is so cute. I went and picked the blanket up and covered Alexa up and she stir a bit but didn't wake up. 


I kissed her forehead and she was boiling up but I opened a bit of the window next to her so she cools down a bit , I closed the door quietly and we all went to bed , I got changed into my pyjamas. I snuggled up inside my covers and fell asleep quickly.


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