One Direction & Me

This is a story about a girl called perrie Edwards. who lives with her Aunty Mary. Perrie is in a band.

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12. Shopping for the baby!! x

**Alexa's POV**


Today I am not going to do anything because yesterday we stayed up still midnight to plan mine and Andy's wedding before the baby comes I am now 8 months now , My back is starting to hurt and we are making the baby room today , I found out I was having a baby boy so were painting the room , and we are going shopping for them tomorrow or today not to sure , I got a shower , dried myself off and wore this : 

I went downstairs slowly because I had nobody's help , Andy went home because they have an interview and I'm home alone with Perrie and Jade , all 1D went to interview as well and won't be back till midnight and I made some toast and I ate it , Jade and Perrie came downstairs fully clothed.


Perrie's Outfit : 

Jade's Outfit : 

We started to go to my car so I could drive but Perrie and Jade stopped me and said at the same time "You can't drive your pregnant". I nodded and we got into Perrie's car I said to them while we were driving to go to the mall " Why does Liam get angry because I am pregnant?". "Because he said to us when you went to bed , he doesn't want to lose you like he did with his/ your mum and dad". Jade said , I now understand everything. We have arrived at the mall and I was in the middle and Perrie was at my right hand side and Jade was at my Left hand side , we linked arms and we started walking to buy some baby clothes first.


Baby's clothes they bought : 

We bought many more clothes for my baby boy were going to call him Luke Daniel Biersack that's a really cute name , we got the paint the beds the chairs that we going to put in the room at night so if he wakes up , I can sit down and rock him to sleep. We went into the car and we put some seats down and we fitted everything into the boot , we started driving home so we could get started painting the room and make it nice because got 5 more months to go.


We have arrived home and we saw 1D outside and they came and help us but I didn't want help I carried the bay clothes into my room , I un-packed everything , I went into the empty room and nobody was there but all the paint was , so I started painting the walks like coffee colour but lighter. 


I finally finished and I started putting green curtains , The wardrobe between them and on top there is a lap a toy elephant e.t.c I finished putting everything in place , I put the bed together and I put a mattress and made it nice , 


Baby's room : 

I stood at the door frame to check if it looked ok , I got my dad's friends to fit the floors so it was soft , I put the mat next to the bed , I felt a sharp pain through my stomach , I saw that water was dripping and I shouted " PERRIE , JADE COME HERE PLEASE QUICK". They came rushing and they saw the floor wet and they took me in the car and they called Andy and all the 1D boys because they went out , but Andy wouldn't pick up . 


**Arrived at hospital**


We got in and Jade said " We need a doctor she is about to give birth". , I looked up and saw that it was doctor Evans an the same nurse who gave me the number the head my phone ringing and perrie took it and talked and she shouted before I got in the delivery room " ANDY IS ON HIS WAY". we got into the delivery room , I started pushing and pushing and finally I heard the baby crying and I was sweating. 


They cleaned me up , I gave the nurse the clothes for my baby boy Luke Daniel Biersack and finally finished cleaning me and I got into my own pyjamas and this is how my baby boy looked like. 


Luke Daniels : 


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