One Direction & Me

This is a story about a girl called perrie Edwards. who lives with her Aunty Mary. Perrie is in a band.

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2. Perrie's boyfriend! (Zayn Malik)

Perrie called jade up on the house phone. perrie loves it living in mansion. It is massive. I show you a pic off the mansion >

The Mansion was right next to Zayn Malik's house that is why she want to live there.Some of the time Zayn come;s round to talk to me I think zayn like likes me. I wish I could be his girlfriend on day he will asked me to go out with him,of course I will say yes and then we will get engaged and then we will get married and have kids. BUT that will never happen. 

so lets get back to where we where up to. so called jade on the house phone. jade answers the phone

(PE means Perrie Edwards) (JT means Jade thirlwall)

PE: hello jade how are you today? have you seen harry today?

JT: yes he has asked me out and I said yes. So.... I am going out with harry styles. I love him and he loves me.

PE: Cool I wish I was going out with zayn but he has not asked me yet. 

then the door bell rang.

PE: Sorry got to answer the door bell rang just then, so I will ring you back in a min.

JT: Ok ring you back in 5 mins.

so perrie answers the door and it was zayn. perrie asked zany" what are you doing her?"." Well I cam here to say will you be my girlfriend Perrie?" Zayn replied. perrie said" yes of course I will," perrie said jumping on zayn and kissing him. they were out side snogging. zayn said" lets go in your bedroom". They went into Perrie's room the striped each other and got into Perrie's bed." I Love you  Zayn Perrie said.  " I love you too perrie," said Zayn.     


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