One Direction & Me

This is a story about a girl called perrie Edwards. who lives with her Aunty Mary. Perrie is in a band.

** read to find out more about this Amazayn book.**


3. Perrie goes on holiday with Jade,Zayn and Harry.

On Tuesday morning jade went to Perrie's house with harry. Jade said" can we come in we have something to tell you". "Well we were thinking we could go on holiday together?" asked harry  "yeah we can come,but where we going?" Perrie said. " well we are going to turkey, we will be in a huge villa with a huge swimming pool". replied Jade. Jade got it up on her phone to show them were they were going. This is what the villa look like > 

That is what they are staying in, Perrie love's it, she was over the moon because Perrie started shouting " I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE." Then zayn kissed her to shut her up.


Two weeks had past and Perrie and Zayn were on the way to Harry's and Jade's house. there house is huge. this is a pic>

They all got in Zayn's and Perrie's car. perrie and Zayn have a bigger car because  they are planing to have more children. this is a picture of there car > 



They set off for the airport, It was only five  minutes down the road. "What doe's an air plane feel like when you go up and down?" Perrie asked. "Well it is a bit scary, but it is okay," Jade said.

They reached the airport. they got out the car and got the suitcases out. the want in to the airport and ran into the airport. they got a trolley to put the suitcases on. they weight the suitcases. then they went to the shops and bought something's. They bought sunglasses, lipsticks, Flip Flops and photo prams. Then the plane arrived.

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