One Direction & Me

This is a story about a girl called perrie Edwards. who lives with her Aunty Mary. Perrie is in a band.

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8. Grounded Because Liam found out Alexa was drunk!

*Next Morning**


I woke up with a banging headache and I got up and I saw my clothes were on the floor.I saw Andy next to be fast asleep naked , I got out quietly and I went to have a shower and got dressed into this > 

I went downstairs and I made some breakfast , I ran to the toilet because I felt sick after all the food I have eaten and what we had last night , I went upstairs and I took breakfast upstairs for him if he is awake yet , I went in and he was awake and I saw him laying there and he had a 6 pack. I put his food onto a tray and put it on his lap , I picked all the clothes and took them to the washing machine , I turned it on. 


I went back upstairs  and he nearly was finishing eating he got up only in his boxers what he put on when I left , He went into the shower and I left in there some clean clothes from Zayn's Closet , I went downstairs again and Played with my Iphone 5s and Harry came down with Jade and Perrie , I got up and hold my stomach and ran to the bottom toilet and puked and then Liam was shouting at someone , I think it was Andy because I had morning sickness because we had sex.


I went to Liam and he shouted " ALEXA YOUR FUCKING 19 WHAT WILL YOUR MOTHER SAY". "WELL MY MOTHER DOESN'T CARE I MOVED AWAY AND CAME TO LIVE WITH YOU ALSO SHE IS AN ALCOHOLIC  AND SHE SLAPPED ME BEFORE I LEFT". I said with tears whelming in my eyes , I ran out of the house , I ran to the park and climbed the tree and waited till it got dark , I thought to myself , I can't believe I might be pregnant. 


I saw Andy and he climbed up and hugged me and said " Will you Marry me". "Yes thousand times yes". He put the ring on and this is how it looked like > 



A/N Hope you liked this chapter , Find out what's happens next to Alexa and Andy Biersack and will Liam let her keep the baby....... Find out soon....


Erika_Biersack15 and MiaHoran12

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