One Direction & Me

This is a story about a girl called perrie Edwards. who lives with her Aunty Mary. Perrie is in a band.

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9. going to the doctors!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Alexa's POV* 

I was on here way to the doctors. I booked an appointment  with the doctor.


**A few hours later**


The doctor came out and called my name. so I went in to his room and he asked me "why are you here Alexa". So I said to him that I think I am pregnant so I came to check with you. He said "Lay down on the bed for  me, so then i can feel your tummy. It might tickle my tummy.  


A few minutes later the doctor said "  you are pregnant Alexa and you can not go out and get drunk, or go out fighting!". so I was not allowed alcohol for 9 months.


I was on my way walking home,but Andy stopped in front off me then he asked me" Are you pregnant". Also I said  "yes. I am". He he told me he wanted to be the dad,for a long time, he was really happy I will be the dad and he let me out of the way. I reached home and saw Liam looking at me. he said" You are pregnant aren't you?." Alexa replied " Yes I am and how do you known?". " because the doctor rung me and said that you were have a baby, I know who the dad is, it is Andy he told me before" Liam said. 


I walk up to my room and I started crying, because why did Andy tell my brother. I will get kick out off the house. perrie came up and knock on the door, I said "come in". me and perrie had a big chat and I went back down stairs with perrie.


 I want back down stair and everyone looked at me as if to said why have been crying, but they didn't say anything . So  I sat down next to my brother (Liam ) and on the other side of me it was Niall. We watch a movie all together. it was an hour long I love it. It was saw 2 Niall was a bit scared so was my brother so I had 2 people hugging in to me I was not scared at all. 




A/N hope you enjoyed that chapter and like the rest off the book. if you read on you will find out what .

Erika_Biersack15 and MiaHoran12.xx

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