One Direction & Me

This is a story about a girl called perrie Edwards. who lives with her Aunty Mary. Perrie is in a band.

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10. Finding out the gender of the baby!

**Alexa's POV**


I woke up and I was sweating because yesterday I found out that I was pregnant yesterday because we went to the doctors , I stood in front of the mirror, I turned side ways. I saw a little baby bump showing because I am at 14 weeks and I going to find the gender today with the rest of the boy's and The rest of Black Veil Brides , I went to have a shower and I shaved where is should be shaved and I wore this > 

I went downstairs and I got inside my car a drove to my appointment to check what gender of the baby , I have arrived and cute boy's looking at me but I am getting married soon so I can't flirt or that is cheating on the man I love really bad , I went inside and said to the nurse " Hello got an appointment with Dr. Evans to see what gender my baby is also I'm 14 weeks pregnant". "Ok follow me please to the ultra scan room and Dr.Evans will take it from there". she said really politely before she could go I asked her really quickly " Could you give me your phone number so I can ring you if anything happens also could you be the nurse of my child please".


She nodded and she gave me her number also I went inside and laid on the bed because he was about to start the ultra sound. 


**Skip Ultra Sound**


The other nurse who was inside with me , Cleaned my tummy and she smiled and I went outside and waited into the waiting room Then I saw Andy coming and he said " Why didn't you tell me you coming here that you had an appointment". "I didn't want you to bring all of my brothers band mate's also you just in time because the results are coming". I said smiling and he smiled and sat with me and Dr.Evans came out and said " Well looks like you having a baby boy congratulations Mr and Mrs Biersack to be". I nodded and he gave the picture and I gave 1 to Andy to keep it and I kept 1 for myself and we went home , Andy was driving my car because I fell asleep.


**2 Hours later**


I woke in bed with my pyjama top on and saw Andy messing with my hair and he said " Sleep well Babe" , "Yeah Thanx babe for everything and we should plan the wedding tomorrow". I said and started kissing and we went downstairs.


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