One Direction & Me

This is a story about a girl called perrie Edwards. who lives with her Aunty Mary. Perrie is in a band.

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4. At Turkey!!! :)

 They final got on the plane.


*Skip the journey* The have now reached turkey. 



" Ahhhh how nice is this sun?"perrie asked.jade replied  " well, it is amazing I love it here in turkey. I come here every year with my mum and dad, but this year I am a bit old to come with my mum and dad this year." 

So they arrived at the  villa. they all loved it there. They unpacked and perrie got changed in to more comfier  clothes, this is what  she got change in too > 

Then she came down and saw that Jade was on the phone to Niall , Louis and Liam.

NH: hello Jade What are you up two?

JT: nothing much and  I was ringing to tell you that you can you come to turkey tomorrow morning. do you like idea?

NH: well I need to ask Liam and Louis first before I  come to see you. I will ask them now.

Then Niall put the phone on hold and he asked Louis and Liam.

( Niall was now back on the phone).

NH: yes they what to come and stay in turkey with you lot and so do I. Can we bring are girl friends?

JT: yes of course you can and dose Liam want to bring his sister?

NH: LIAM DO YOU WANT TO BRING ALEXA WITH YOU?  the Liam replied to niall and he said yes.

NH: yes he wants to bring Alexa.

JT: okay then I will see you tomorrow.

NH: okay bye then I will see you tomorrow.  


*Alexa's POV**


I was started packing because I was moving house  , I am 19 and I am not going to live my parents that fucking are annoying saying have to this then do this , I went downstairs to my put my suitcase down and saw my parents in the kitchen , and I ignored them and went into the living room and sat down , I wore this  > 

My mum then asked me saying this "Where are you going , with everything" ,  then I said  "I am moving out and I am going to live with my brother Liam because at least he cares and you don't care because you are fucking always drunk that's why dad left you , because your an alcoholic". Then my mum got angry and she slapped me across the face. 


I called the taxi to take me to the airport and it has arrived , I put my suitcase into the boot and I got my bag pack in with me , we started driving. 


*Skip Taxi Ride*

We have arrived at the airport I paid the man , I got out and went into the gate and I already got into the plane and it started flying , I put my headphones in because it was going to be 7 hours ride.


**Skip 7 hours of plane ride**


I have arrived I got my suitcase and everything , I called another taxi and I told her the address to take me to and we started driving and I saw the most beautiful houses and shops I ever seen , The Lady said " That will be $10 (just pretend its euro) , Please". " Ok here you go and thank you". I said and got out and took everything out and walked to the door , I knocked on my door and Perrie opened it. 


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