One Direction & Me

This is a story about a girl called perrie Edwards. who lives with her Aunty Mary. Perrie is in a band.

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7. Alexa goes out and gets piss!!!! pt1

" Alexa you need to go home now you are piss out off your head," said andy. " NOOOOOOOOO i am not going home why don.t you go home?" Alexa replied. " you can not speak to me like that young lady i will  tell your brother that you were out tonight. so lets take you home and i willl say nothing to your brother." andy said.


so off they went back to Alexa house. " Alexa do you want me to stay with you tonight?" Andy . " Yes please, do you want to sleep in my bed with me tonight i would you too," Alexa said. " Emmmmmm okay yea fine," said andy. well as soon as andy got in the room Alexa stripped off in front off him and  andy  started kissing her and he stripped . Liam came in but they were asleep when Liam walked in. But they had no covers on. 



i woke up in the middle off the night and saw andy next to me and went to get a drink off water. my brother( Liam) was in the kitchen. Liam said to me" what did you do before?".  

" What do you mean what did i do before, i did nothing," said  Alexa. " I saw you and andy in bed with no clothes on," said Liam.



a/n hope you liked that chapter and read the next to find out more

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