One Direction & Me

This is a story about a girl called perrie Edwards. who lives with her Aunty Mary. Perrie is in a band.

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6. Alexa comes early!!!!!

So they got them selves ready for Alexa, Liam, Niall and Louis to come tomorrow. But they did not know that Alexa was coming a day early. 

So it was normal day in turkey for the lot in turkey. they had been out, went  for dinner and last off all the got home. " How lovely was that day out?" Zayn asked. Perrie replied" oh I loved it was the best day out I have ever had in turkey."


"Ding Dong" the door bell went. Perrie went to answer the door. "Well look who is here. you were coming tomorrow not today," Perrie said to Alexa. "ohhhhh I didn't known that, my brother said to come today," Alexa said. " Well your here now so you might as well stay  here and I will be telling Liam off tomorrow," Perrie said giggling and making Alexa giggle perrie showed Alexa to her room.


Alexa's Bedroom : 

When she went inside her bedroom , perrie went downstairs to make a snack , Alexa got changed into this because later they are going out with her EMO friends this is what she wore > 

**Alexa's POV**


I took some vodka without Perrie and all the boy's knowing and I went out and I met up with my friends at the park , Andy kept looking at me with a smirk , I showed them the alachol I bought. Even the boy's don't know I took it , I spoke up and said " Hey guys sorry I am late , They kept me in and my brother where asking me lots of questions". Then Jinxx said " Its fine Lex Lets get the party started shall we". We started blasting music in the park and we got proper drunk well me and everyone where sober , I hugged everyone and we laughed and they chased me because I had one of Andy's cigarette packet.   


All BVB (Black Veil Brides) : 


Then this is what happens in the next chapter............................


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