My Story :)

This story is about my life and why the hell i'm messed up like this;) but for real this is the story i became the way i am <3

-love u, always and forever...A.D.


1. Pre-K


(I remember this day very well so don't get creeped out)-A.D.


When i got to my pre-k school,O2B, i walked in and saw Mrs.Margret,the front desk lady and said a quiet hello.I walked into Ms.Candace's classroom and sat down at a table, the girls that were sitting at the same table as me names were Alexis,Makayla, Raiven, and Riley.

I knew Riley before cause her mom and my mom were best friends.A boy named Robert came up to me and we became friends, he kept teasing me because of my hair which legit looked like a blonde bush.Ms.Candace which just so happened to be Raiven's mom called nap time i laid down on a mat near the door in an alcove, a boy named Tristan was laying near me and he wanted to trade napping arrangements, i recognized him as the boys that always sucks on his fingers. After nap time Ms.Candace announced that there would be a pajama party tomorrow,and sent notifications home with us.After class i was on my way to lunch when Alexis asked if i wanted to sit with her and Makayla, i asked if Riley could come too she replied with and of course.

During lunch this girl named Kylie, came up to Alexis and started yelling mean things to her like how her dad left cause she was ugly and stuff i didn't even know what i was doing until Kylie came up to me and started yelling things at me saying that i wasn't pretty and that i wasn't able to talk to Riley anymore.I was so confused at that i didn't even realize that Riley was on top of Kylie hitting her and yelling things close to the range of 'you don't tell people what to do' and 'your not the queen of everything', the principal,Mrs.Candace,Kylie's Teacher Mrs.Lee,and a boy around our age walking next to the principal came speed walking to us and trying to pull Riley off Kylie.

After Kylie was sent home, Riley being yelled at, and my helpless attempts to tell them that Kylie was being a bitch (not my exact words)we all had to go to our 'clubs' or dance classes. Me and Makayla took ballet,Lexi took jazz, and Raiven took hip hop, me and Mak(pronounced Mack)were walking to ballet on the other side of the school on the top floor with Raiven since her class was across the hall.In ballet there were about 6 girls and 2 boys one named Parker another named Garret, the girls name's were Tori, Abby, Bailey,Haley, Calen, and Jennifer, Tori was the queen bee along with Kylie and Abby.

After ballet all of us went to the buses since me,Lexi,Mak, and Raiven all lived in the same neighbor hood we rode the same bus we all sat in one seat it was fun being with them, Mak had a phone with games on it and we played music and games on it. When we got off the bus we had to walk further into the neighbor hood until we saw our moms we all ran to them and we all did a goodbye group hug.

That's basically everyday of my entire Pre-K life, it consisted of Kylie being a annoying little bitch, Tristan being a weirdo and Robert teasing me.

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