My Story :)

This story is about my life and why the hell i'm messed up like this;) but for real this is the story i became the way i am <3

-love u, always and forever...A.D.


2. Kindergarden (favorite year of my life XD )


(I also remember ALOT about this year 2)-A.D.


First day of school at Irby Elementary, Kylie was back bitchier than ever.When my mom dropped me off i walked to the front office and saw a boy that looked like me but only more country,he had blonde hair and blue eyes.I walked up to the front desk right beside the boy, and i said 'hi' and he said 'hey my name's Jacob' and we became the bestest friends ever, we called each other brother and sister and he would always stick up for me when someone called me a name.but that all changed when a boy named Darius fucking ruined it all saying that i was some ugly girl that was following him around and that he should be his best friend.

Back in my kindergarden class the teacher was Mrs.Prescott and she was a sweet old lady but can be scary as hell sometimes.I had Lexi, Mak, Riley,and Robert in my class but Raiven went to another school in that grade.Robert always threw up it was very disturbing,me and the others always ate lunch in the classroom.A girl named Cheyenne taught me how to straighten my hair when i was 5,yes 5 so now i'm a master.

I went EDEP with Riley and I met a new friend named Lindsey.How we met is that we were sitting next to eachother in the lunch room and she kept copying me and we became best friends her and Riley also became bffs and we were inseparable.Me and Lexi became friends with another girl named Alexis so we kept her name instead of using the nickname.

During that time i was happily single but then there was this boy named Dillion he was teasing Lindsey and Riley one day when i wasn't the day after, they told me what happened and i walked up to him pushed him up against the slide and started yelling at him.His friend went to go tell the teachers but Riley legit tackled them to the ground,after done laughing at Riley and the boy i turned back around to Dillion but he did something to me i thought no one would do, and that is he fucking kissed me!I pushed him away an stood wide eyed until i ran away with Lindsey and Riley hot on my tail.

Now you're probaly thinking 'why the hell did you push him away?' but you have to see i was 5!Boys back then had cooties, but i stopped the whole cooties thing for my grade at my school when i started 'dating' Dillion.After we started 'dating' i would kiss him like 5 times everyday, hug him and hold hands. We even had a 'secret' place, not even really our place it was just the top of the monkey bars on the playground.I always watched and read love stories back then,yes read i was a very advanced 5 year old, and i thought i was in love and we kept on 'dating' for 2 1/2 years until he moved away, i mean technically we never broke things off but i'll telly ou what happened later in the story ;)

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