Living in Harmony (A Louis Tomlinson love story)

I remember the first time I saw his face. His eyes were intense, like the sea, staring into mine. They were like knives, piercing me in the sweetest manner. He had a familiar look to him, about as familiar as Spring or Autumn. He had a sense of adventure to him too, with a dash of danger. I don't know why, but I was somehow attracted to it like a magnet. I didn't understand it. I still don't, and I don't think I ever will. But does it even matter? Why should it? I questioned myself, watching his every move from afar. I didn't even realize until later that that wasn't enough. I needed more. I needed him.


1. Lottie

If my parents didn't approve of anyone, it was the Tomlinson's. My father would describe the entire family in three words: Slytherin. Dangerous. Evil. My mother didn't say such things, and would scold my father whenever he told me that, but if she did, I'm sure they'd be the same. The Tomlinsons live across the street from our house. The Tomlinson Residence is mainly made of bricks painted black, with navy blue shutters, and all windows closed with the curtains sealing the inside from the outside. It was the main reason that my mother never let me play out in the street as child, because she was afraid of me interacting with a Tomlinson. Of course; of course that's the last thing she would want. 

I was home schooled for my first four years of school. But during the summer my father was offered a job in the Ministry of Magic, and it meant he could get me a spot in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the best Wizarding school there was, and my family had been trying to get me into a real school for ages. I was going into my fifth year, and as reluctant I was about moving schools, I made a mental decision that it was the best thing for my family and I.

You're probably wondering why I mentioned the Tomlinson's in the first place. Well, that's only because I met one today. I was walking home from the store when a girl dressed in a nice green dress was sitting on the sidewalk in front of the Tomlinson Residence. She looked about eight or nine. She saw me, and looked at me for a while. 

"Are you a Grace?" she said. I was surprised by her question. 

"Yes, I am," I answered proudly. She looked back at her hands. 

"Mummy told me you were rubbish."

Yup. Definitely a Tomlinson. 

I sat next to her on the sidewalk. She did not flinch. 

"What's your name, sweetheart?" I asked her. She did not reply for a while, but when she did, it was in a scratchy voice. 

"Lottie. Lottie Tomlinson," she muttered. 

"I'm Hope. Hope Grace, but I'm not going to breathe fire, so stop looking at me like that." She turned away. 

"I saw your Hogwarts letter in the mail today," she said quietly. 

"Yes. I'm going to Hogwarts," I said proudly. She seemed to wipe a tear from her eye.

"I'm going in 3 years, but I want to go this year!" she said urgently. I shook my head.

"Trust me, 3 years goes by in a flash." She looked at me, her huge brown eyes swimming with curiosity, and she got up, dusted off her dress, ran into her house and slammed the door behind her. 

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