Finding You ||ON HOLD||

Tessa moves from Ireland to England. She had moved to Ireland when she was 2. When she gets to her flat she is shocked to find that the Niall Horan is her neighbor.
Niall doesn't believe in love at first sight but when he bumps into his next door neighbor, everything changes.


6. finally understanding

-Niall's POV-

After the incident I drove to my flat alone then went to Tessa's flat. the door was locked. "Tessa are you okay?" I say as I knock on the door. When she sees me she turns away closing the door. "I know about Daniel" I say before she has the chance to close the door all the way. Then she stares at me and starts to cry. I wrap my arms around her as she cries in my arms. I lead her inside of her apartment and to the sofa while holding her in my arms. After about ten minutes her crying dies down. "how do you know about him and what he did to me" she says to me.

-Tessa's POV-

"Your friend told me every thing. Oh and she gave me your stuff that you had bought because you left it there" he told me while giving me my stuff. I get up from the bed and put the bag into my closet. Then my phone went off. I had gotten a text from Sara. I read it out loud not realizing it "I told Niall about him I hope your not mad at me" so that's how he knew about it, now it all makes sense now. "Hey if you want to we can go to my apartment and watch a couple movies, order pizza, or hang out" he said to me. "sure, that sounds like fun" I replied. "its not going to be just you and me though" he warned me. "who else is at your apartment?" I asked kind of worried. "Louis, Zayn, Liam, Harry, and Sara" "if your ex comes to mind tell me and we can go in a different room with a television, okay?" he replied. I got a little worried but I got over it.

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