Finding You ||ON HOLD||

Tessa moves from Ireland to England. She had moved to Ireland when she was 2. When she gets to her flat she is shocked to find that the Niall Horan is her neighbor.
Niall doesn't believe in love at first sight but when he bumps into his next door neighbor, everything changes.


21. chapter 18

-Tessa's POV-

"so are we going to tell the boys about this?" he asked me. "Yah but I cant bring everyone here so I need you to practice doing something here. I will be able to give you wings when we do show them." we were able to show three of them. "remember how I said that nobody knew about this." "yah" "well Sara knows a lot about this and she has her own wings so she will help us bring them over" so I was able to cast my spell correctly and gave him wings "I thought you were scared of flying. And how exactly does this work?" "I'm scared of flying on a plane. The thing about it that scares me the most is that the plane could crash at any moment. And for the wings you just think of the direction you want to go..." I made my wings visible and flew a few feet up "and they will make you fly in that direction"

-Niall's POV-

I went up a little bit, about the same height as she did. She smiled "Your a natural at this, its like you were born to fly! you think you are ready to try flying through a obstacle course?" "Yah I think im ready" she thawed the lake and she made rings out of water. "I made it over the lake so that if you fell you wouldn't hurt yourself. OH! and I heated up the water a little bit so it wasn't cold, and I will make a mini portal to your part of the closet. chose an outfit just incase you get wet." I chose a plaid button up shirt and a pair of jeans. As I took off my shoes she showed me the order and it was very easy to memorize. I flew through the first ring and I saw some people coming this way so  quickly flew to Tessa.

-Tessa's POV-

"I saw some people coming this way" shit! my wings are visible. "Go hide in the bushes. I'll be there soon!" I said while making the water fell and look normal then joining niall in hiding. "follow me" I whispered/yelled. I went deeper in the forest into my hiding place where I would go if my parents were searching for me. They used to beat me. the day that I left for London was the best day of my life. anyway I hid my wings and made Niall's pair disappear. then I went back to the hiding spot that we were in and Niall followed. I was so shocked when I saw Daniel. I thought he was still in prison. I told niall to stay where he was and to only come out if I asked him to. I pretended like I was just on a walk through the forest. He saw me and he had a knife in is jacket. he instantly got "YOU BITCH! you put me in jail for a year and six months. you are going to pay" he said. He grabbed my arm. I tried to break free and he slapped me. "NIALL" I yelled crying. he came almost instantly and he got Daniel to let go of me. I told niall to step back for a couple of minutes and gave him a pair of wings to go and check if anyone is coming. Daniel came towards me slowly and hoped that he didn't see niall. He saw Niall and he started to punch him. I flew up so that he couldn't touch me. I was so angry it got hotter. I flew over the lake and made some very strong vines start growing and I trapped Daniel by making the vines grab his arms and legs. I flew closer to him "Don't you ever come near me again" I made a ball of fire in my hand. "And don't even bother  with telling any one  because they will think that the time in prison has made you insane."

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