Finding You ||ON HOLD||

Tessa moves from Ireland to England. She had moved to Ireland when she was 2. When she gets to her flat she is shocked to find that the Niall Horan is her neighbor.
Niall doesn't believe in love at first sight but when he bumps into his next door neighbor, everything changes.


15. Chapter 15

-Niall's POV-

"I hope you don't mind that we are sharing a room and a bed" I said and pulling a ridiculous face. (a/n ridiculous! lol harry potter reference!) She looked at me and said "not at all"


*skip plane ride*

-Tessa's POV-

I told Niall that I was hungry so I asked if we could get some food and since I did my report when I was younger on japan I knew that there is a nandos here. while he was gone I decided to practice my ballet and sing to my cover of Let It Go in Japanese. So a couple minutes later I came up with a dance for the song. I started to dance, play the karaoke English version, and sing the lyrics to the song. As soon as I finished I felt someone watching me so I turned around and saw niall with an open mouth. then I started asking him a bunch of questions.

-Niall's POV-

I came in the room towards the middle of the song and just watched her sing and dance. when she was done she turned around slowly and started asking me a bunch of questions. I walked over to her and shut her up by kissing her. "you are a great singer and dancer" I said truthfully. "what language was that in?" "Japanese" she answered.

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