Finding You ||ON HOLD||

Tessa moves from Ireland to England. She had moved to Ireland when she was 2. When she gets to her flat she is shocked to find that the Niall Horan is her neighbor.
Niall doesn't believe in love at first sight but when he bumps into his next door neighbor, everything changes.


36. A/N 9


I am sooooooo sorry that I haven't updated any thing for a while before yesterday. Please don't kill me!! Well I hope you are enjoying this story so far. I'm thinking about going through this book and changing all the names so that it is not a fan fiction anymore but then some parts of it would not make sense. So uh yeah. OH!! Almost forgot. I HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!!! I haven't uploaded anything for a while and I need ideas for songs to cover. If you could suggest songs that would be greatly appreciated and I will love you forever because I cannot choose a song for the life of me!! Expect another update on the near future. BYYEEE!!!!!!!!!!

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