Finding You ||ON HOLD||

Tessa moves from Ireland to England. She had moved to Ireland when she was 2. When she gets to her flat she is shocked to find that the Niall Horan is her neighbor.
Niall doesn't believe in love at first sight but when he bumps into his next door neighbor, everything changes.


11. after everything

-Tessa's POV-

After the truth or dare game everyone except Niall and me went to a different room because they wanted to watch a scary movie but me and Niall didn't think it was a good idea because of what happed earlier at the mall. We sat down and we chose a movie but me and Niall chose two different movies. "okay lets see hear I chose Mall Cop and you chose Grown Ups" niall said. We finally agreed on Grown Ups. We sat together on the couch and towards the end of the movie I guess I fell asleep.

-Niall's POV-

After the movie was over everyone had left and Tessa was asleep  next to me so I picked her up and brought her to my room. After I put her on the bed I kissed her on the cheek, went to the other side of the bed, and went to sleep. She is so cute when she sleeps I thought to myself.

-Tessa's POV-

"Good morning" Niall said to me. "I fell asleep, didn't I" I said back. "yes you did" he said. "oh and just so you know after you put me on your bed I woke up and felt you kiss me" I said and he blushed. "I thought you were asleep" he blushed even more. "Hey its ok" I said. Then he kissed me so I kissed him back.

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