Love is a Journey

Crystal has had all these relationships with guys and all the guys cheat on her and abuse her.....Until she meets Harry Edward Styles...The love of her life.....Does he feel the same way? Read to find out!!!


11. Chapter 8

🇬🇧Chapter 8🇬🇧

Harry's POV

Shes the one......

I cant stop thinking about her. I dropped her off at her dorm last night so that she could start packing and maybe spend some time with her sister since the tour is gonna he for 1 year and a half. I really love her. Im glad she said yes to coming on tour with me. Im so happy and excited.

I love her

"HARRY!!!" Louis screamed breaking me from my thoughts.

"What Louis" I asked.

"What are you thinking about?" He asks.

"Nothing" I lie.

"Haz, i know when your lying. Btw you have drool on your shirt." He says and walks out of my room.

I look down and my shirt is soaked. I really need to stop thinking about Crystal.

"Hey" Someone says from behind me, jumping on my back. Crystal.

Crystal's POV

"Hey" I jumped on Harry's back.

"Hey baby" He said taking my legs and wrapping them around his torso.

"What were you thinking about?" I ask him. I already know he was thinking about me....Because I was thinking about him.

"Nothing...." He trails off.

"You were thinking about me weren't you?" I ask. He's gonna say yes.

"Yea" He says shyly. I get off his back and he sits on the couch, i sit next to him and put my legs on his lap.

"Dont be shy...I was thinking about you too before i got here." I said. My bag for the tour is in Harry's room. I called Liam and asked if i could stay with Harry until we all leave for the tour. He said yes so here i am.

"Oh really?" He smiles at me. I nod.

"Really" I smile and sit up. I lean in and kiss his lips.

------------2 Days Later-----------------

Harry's POV

Today is the day we all leave for tour and im so happy that Crystal is coming with us. Im actually surprised she said yes....Im not whining though. Im happy. Right now im awake and Crystal is asleep still. Her head is on my chest.

I pick up my phone and see what time it is. Its 8:30. Shit!!

"Crystal wake up!" I shake her and she moans and wraps her arm around me. Damn she is adorable.

"What" She moans.

"We have to leave for the tour in 30 minutes!" I tell her.

"Were both already ready. We just need to change" She points to my shirt shes wearing.

"I know you fell asleep in my shirt. What does that mean?" I ask.

"We just have to change our clothes." She laughs.

"Oh. Then what are you saying?" I smirk.

"That i want to lay here and cuddle with you for 10 more minutes. Then we can change and brush or teeth. I can do my hair, and make up" She smiles.

"babe you dont need make up" I tell her amd lift her up so that shes laying on top of me. "Your beautiful" She blushes.

"Harry i need make up." She kisses me.

-----------------------3 Hours Later----------------------

All of us are on the tour bus headed to our first stop. Miami, Florida. Crystal fell asleep on the couch again. I walked up to her and lifted her up. I laid down on the couch and laid her on top of me. She moaned and fluttered her eyes and woke up. As soon as she saw me she smiled.

"Hey baby" I say to her.

"Hi" She says to me.

"Whats up?" I already know she's just gonna say 'laying down' i just know it.

"You" She winks and gets off of me running away.

"Okay that's it!" I jokingly yell. "Im gonna get you Crystal!" I get up and start running looking for Crystal.

When I find her she's crying with her phone on the floor. What happened?

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