Love is a Journey

Crystal has had all these relationships with guys and all the guys cheat on her and abuse her.....Until she meets Harry Edward Styles...The love of her life.....Does he feel the same way? Read to find out!!!


10. Chapter 7

🇬🇧Chapter 7🇬🇧

Harry's POV

As we arrive to the beach I find Crystal asleep with her head against the window. She is so cute. I get out of the car and walk over to her side. I slowly open the door. I grab her and pick her up before she falls. She squirms a little and her head is resting on my chest as I carry her bridal style to the litte surprise I have (the date).

I lay here on the towel and go to the water with a extra glass and fill it with water. I walk back to the towel and dump the water on her face. She wakes up.

"HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screams. I laugh. She gets up and starts running after me. I run wayy faster though so haha! I felt something jump on my back. Shit. She runs fast!

"Geez you run fast." I tell her.

"I know cause you dumped water on me!" She says still on my back.

"Well i should dump water on you more often." I laugh.

"No you really shouldnt" She says and wraps her legs around my waist from behind. "So where are we?" She does a baby yawn and lays her head on my shoulder and wraps her arms around my chest.

"Were on our 2nd date" I say and smile.

"Well i know that but i mean like where are we" She says slowly drifting off.

"The beach" I said and she jolted off of me and into the ocean. Someone loves the beach....Unless......SHIT!!!!

I run after her. I dive in the ocean to find Crystal out of the water completly dry and laughing her ass off.

I run out of the water and start to run after her.

Crystal's POV

I pretended to go in the water and make Harry get wet. It worked. He dived in the water and i started laughing so hard i think i was crying of laughter.

He got out of the water and then started chasing me. I ran away but damn he is really fast. I turned and went the poison way and he fell on the sand. I laughed harder. I fell to the ground out of my laughter. I even started crying out of laughter!! What's next dying out laughter?! Okay I shouldn't have said that...I'm done laughing. Now I'm just crying. Fuck.

So now I'm crying and he is starting to run after me. Shit. I got up and ran towards the street. I NEED to get out of here. He can't see me break down. I need something sharp. Wait! I have my purse! I brought my money cause I didn't know where we were going!! Yay!! I ran to the store and got sharpeners and screw drivers. I got to the cashier and paid and ran outside. I need to go to my dorm. The dorm where my sister doesn't even know about my depression. I'm good at hiding it....

I walked outside to see no sign of Harry. That's good. I walk across the street when I hear a branch break and I look behind me and see a tall figure with curly hair.....Harry.

Good thing I already made a lot of deep and bloody cuts..........I walked up to him and handed him the screw drivers and blades that I recently opened and only 1 was covered in blood. Gross. He put the blades in the seer and kept the screw drivers. I'm guessing for repairing things or something.

"Why?" His deep voice asked. He's sad....I can tell.

"I started thinking about something that I have been trying to do for years now....I guess it hit a soft spot." I said. Shit now I'm crying again.

"Babe stop crying....please." He said. "You're with me. Nothing will ever hurt you. Nothing will happen to you." He told me. I know he's trying to comfort me but he has to go on tour in like 2 days. Liam told me.

"But you won't always be there." I choked out.

Harry's POV

"But you won't always be there" She said. When that broke my heart. What does she mean I won't always be there?

"What do you mean?" I ask her. She might know more than me on this one.

"Harry.....your going on tour in 2 never said I could come with you guys so I said you won't always be there for me." Oh fuck! I forgot about the tour! Paul even said I could bring Crystal!!!! Damnit Harry!!!

"Do you wanna come on tour with me? well me and the lads actually" I asked her. She stopped crying and looked up at me smiling. She nodded her making me laugh.

"I would love to Harry." She got on her tiptoes and kissed my lips. "I love you" She told me.

"I love you more" I said to her. She giggled and intertwined our fingers together.

We walked home, holding hands and talking about the tour. Damn I fucking love her. I was right.....

She's the one.

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