Love is a Journey

Crystal has had all these relationships with guys and all the guys cheat on her and abuse her.....Until she meets Harry Edward Styles...The love of her life.....Does he feel the same way? Read to find out!!!


5. Chapter 4

🇬🇧Chapter 4🇬🇧

Harry's POV

Louis fell down the stairs I started laughing so hard but i felt bad for my Boo Bear. I went and helped Louis up. Zayn came down stairs in only boxers. Niall ran down then stairs and went straight into the kitchen. Liam came down stairs in boxers too. They really need to learn manners. Wait what am I saying I'm the one that sleeps naked.

"Crystal this is Louis but you can call him Lou." I said and Louis stared at Crystal up and down. I elbowed him and he coughed.

"You think I dont know that I know every thing about you guys!!!!" She screamed

"Hi Crystal" He smirked and pulled Crystal in for a hug.

"Hi Lou!!!" She smiled and pulled away.

Zayn and all the other boys stared at her up and down. I elbowed Zayn.

"You are engaged!" I whisper yelled into his ear.

"Not any more" He smiled and continued to look at Crystal up and down.

I looked at Crystal who locked her eyes with mine and smiled. I smiled back and she giggled. Zayn walked over to Crystal and placed his hand on her bum and kissed her cheek.

"Hey babe" Zayn smiled but Crystal pushed his hand away. That's my girl.

"Hi Zayn" She rolled her eyes.

"Whats the matter babe?" He turned so that they were face to face.

"Nothing your just my least favorite in the group" She smiled and went throught the back door.

"Wha u wif her?" Niall came in with a mouthful of food.

"Niall chew and swallow! I can't understand u!" I say laughing.

"Whats up with her?" Niall asks after swallowing his mouthful of food.

"I don't know but I'm gonna find out" I say and wall out side to see Crystal hanging upside down on the fence.

Crystal's POV

I walked outside and climbed on the fence and pulled a cigarette and lighter out of my pocket. I put the cigarette in my mouth and lit it. I took a big puff and let it out. I secured my legs on the fence then went u upside down with my legs still secure.

I heard a door shut and looked at the deck to see Harry's tall figure. I sit up and get off the fence and take another puff of my cigarette and walk up to Harry.

"You smoke?" He askes. I nod.

"Please stop." He says

"I try but its addicting" I put it to my mouth to take another puff but Harry snatches the cigarette.

"Then I will help." He tosses it to the ground.

"Thanks" I smile and hug him.

"Babe why did you bardge out if the house like that?" He asks.

"Its nothing" I nuzzle into his chest more.

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