Love is a Journey

Crystal has had all these relationships with guys and all the guys cheat on her and abuse her.....Until she meets Harry Edward Styles...The love of her life.....Does he feel the same way? Read to find out!!!


3. Chapter 2

🇬🇧Chapter 2🇬🇧

Harrys POV

"Were here" I tell her and look over at her and she's on the phone to her ex-boyfriend yelling. How did I not notice that?

"I DON'T CARE IF YOU STILL LIKE ME JUST MOVE ON!!! I HAVE!!!" She yells into the phone.

"DON'T YOU CRYSTAL PLEASE ME!!!" She mocks and yells.

She takes a deep breath and talks again but she doesn't yell. I wonder who her ex-boyfriend is?

"You know what bye." She hangs up the phone.

"Um....You okay?" I ask awkwardly.

"Huh? Oh yea I'm fine that was just my ex-boyfriend who apparently still likes me but I don't like him back." She looks like she is about to cry. I wonder what he said to her? She looks up at me.

"Okay...Well were here" Its very akaward in here.

"K....We can go in then" She tries her best to smile but even I can see that its a fake smile.

Crystals POV

We get out of the car and I wonder why and how he knows I love this place. Maybe he went up to one of my friends and they told him. How long has he been planning this?

"Go sit on a bench inside while I get all the stuff." He looks over at me. I look up at him.

"K" I give him a kiss and then go inside to one of the benches.

5 minutes later....

My phone starts to vibrate and I pick it up and then I see its my ex-boyfriend calling me again. I have to ignore it because I always end up yelling. Harry finally walks up to me and I smile.

"Ready?" He asks. I nod and stand up. His hands are full so I just lock our arms like a wedding.


"Did you like it?" He asks when we leave the room.

"How did you know I love it here? and how did you know I love that movie?" I ask him. He chuckles then answers.

"I talk to some of your friends and I see you a lot down here" He locks his hand in mine as we walk out of the movie theater and to his car.

"Do you want to come to my house or should I take you to your dorm?" He asks as we finally get to his car.

"We can go to your house I'm not even close to tired and I have a lot of homework to do" I look over at him.

"If you have homework then why are you saying you wanna come to my house?" He unlocks the car.

"Because I don't do homework" I tell him and get in the car.

"Me niether" I smile and he gets in the car with me.

Harrys POV

Wow...I guess I'm not surprised that she doesn't do homework. A lot if students don't but I didn't expect her to be one of them.

"So what do you wanna do now?" She asks as we pull into my driveway.

"I don't now wanna listen to music and dance?" I ask her and she smiles and gets out of my car and runs to the door. I will take that as a yes.

We get into the house and she finds the boom box on the counter. She puts her phone in and plays a song by my band, One Direction. She turns it up so loud that the neighbors practically hears it. I just hope Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn don't wake up.

She starts dancing and running up and down the stairs. What the hell is she doing?

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