Love is a Journey

Crystal has had all these relationships with guys and all the guys cheat on her and abuse her.....Until she meets Harry Edward Styles...The love of her life.....Does he feel the same way? Read to find out!!!


2. Chapter 1

🇬🇧Chapter 1🇬🇧

I woke up to Diana playing on my phone alarm. I'm so tired, but I force myself out of bed. I pick out my outfit and lay it on the bed. Then I go take a quick shower. I wrap a towel around my damp body and then go back into my room. I wrap my hair up in my towel and change. When I change into tight hot pink jeans and then a crop top I go back in the bathroom and blow dry my hair and curl it.

When I finish getting ready I eat breakfast and pack my stuff up I leave the dorm to go to the nearest coffee shop. After I order and pay for my Double Chocolatey Chip Frappachino I get in my car and drive back to the dorms to go to my first class.

When I arrive at my dorm I go and change into a tight dress that goes mid thigh and then pink pumps. I go to my first class which is History. I arrive to class and sit in the very back.

The class fills up really quick with the other students and then the professor walks in. About 10 minutes into class another student walks in late. I think his name was Harry. He sits in the back right next to me. The rest of the day goes by fast and I figured that I have every class with Harry. I get all my stuff and put them in my bag. Then get up and walk out of the class room and someone calls me name.

"Crystal!" A male voice says.

I turn around and see Harry running up to me. I wonder why?

"Harry?" I ask.

"I didn't know you knew my name" He says. Wow he is a idiot.

"Duh.. Your in every one of my classes." I say in a smart tone.

"I know but I want to talk to you" What?

"We just did talk. Bye" I turn around and start walking and he follows me all the way to my dorm.

I get back to my dorm and he is behind me.

"Can you please leave me alone?" I ask politely.

"Can we talk and maybe hang out?" He asks.

"I barely know you.. And I actually don't know you at all" I say.

"We'll uhm... Can we hang out and uhm... Get to know each other?" He stutters.

"You realize your asking me out right." He nods.

"Then yes" I smile

"So can I come and hang in your room or can I take you for dinner?" He has the biggest grin on his face and I can tell he is super happy.

"You can take me to dinner let me just tell my sister." I giggle

"Where is she?" He is such a dumbass.

"Inside, my sister is my roommate." I say

"Oh" he smiles in embarrassment

We both walk in my room and my sister, Tori is sitting at her desk doing homework. Something I will never do. Harry sits on my bed while I walk over to my sister.

"Hey sis I'm gonna go out on a date so I might be out all night." I tell Tori.

"Like always" She says.

"Right" I laugh a little then walk back to Harry.

"Let's go" I tell Harry.

"Okay" He gets up and we walk to the door.

"Where shall we go?" I ask him.

"It's a surprise" He smirks.

"Ugh I hate surprises!!" I crinkle my nose.

"We'll this one I think you will like" He takes my hand in his.

"I'm sure I will" I smile.

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