The Smile Project

This is the Smile Project. The aim is to make people smile, even for a second. I have heard all sorts about young girls who are depressed, self harming or even worse, and it makes me upset to see people like this therefore I am making a movella Project to make people smile.


1. Note To ALL girls


This is my first post to 'The Smile Project ' and before I begin I would just like to say if any of you want to co-author that would be amazing! Thanks 

From Poppy1D, Smithep200 and GettingOutOfTheFAYZ (The Smile Project crew ) 

Dear Girls, 

There is a lot of depression in this world and I think people need to know how much everybody loves them. Girls, you are all beautiful, and you are all different. Remember in all the world there is no one like you. If people make fun of you because of it, take no notice, imperfections make us who we are. People are ten times more beautiful when they smile, A smile is the lighting system of the face, the cooling system of the head and the heating system of the heart. 

Thanks guys,

I love you all and hope this will make you smile.


Poppy1D, Smithep200 and GettingOutOfTheFAYZ(The Smile Project crew) 

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