The Smile Project

This is the Smile Project. The aim is to make people smile, even for a second. I have heard all sorts about young girls who are depressed, self harming or even worse, and it makes me upset to see people like this therefore I am making a movella Project to make people smile.


4. Challenge?

So I have an idea. To make people you know feel happy, if you know anyone who is sad or you just want to make them smile send them a letter, a note, an email or if it's someone on movellas a message. In your letter at the end put the words 'The Smile Project ' at the end and sign your name or leave it anonymous (although if it's on movellas it can't be anonymous ) .

I am sending some people these notes, if you have sent one, in the comments just comment 

'The Smile Project: Challenge 1 ' so we get an idea of how many people will do it so We can make future challenges and ideas.

Thanks, Love

The Smile Project Crew 


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