Turn To You

Mayra is going back to school after being gone for 3 years , she went to texas and now she lives in LA , She is going to Senior year, to finish it off . Justin Bieber is the player at school , every girl liked him , except for Mayra . Mayra didn't give him any attention . Justin didn't like that she didn't pay attention to him , so he started to tell her how beautiful she was and how adorable she was too . Justin of course being him didn't like her , but slowly he started to fall in love with her . She showed him new things everyday .. " Hey baby " Justin said to Amber . " Hello " she smiled . Justin is going out with Amber but asked Amber if he can flirt with Mayra to get her attention , she said yes , so he is doing his job . " Hows it going " She asked . " Almost there " he replied ... A little bit of what itll look like . And Credits To Herleen28 for the COVER !!! Thanks so Muchh!


1. Prologue

I couldn't believe what I just heard , so Justin really was just lying about everything , wow I felt hurt . Why would he do this to me ? I knew I should have never talked to him when he called me beautiful , yeah right . I wish this was all a dream Im having , that I never meet him ever . My life was planned out till he walked right in the second I came here . 

Right now Im walking out of school , I see that jerk , I mean Justin standing there waiting for me like always. Im just gonna walk pass him not even caring if his there . " Hey Beautiful how are you ? " Beautiful ? Yeah right . " Leave me alone " I said walking right pass him , but he wrapped his arms around my waist and turned me around . 

" Justin what don't you get about leave me alone " I spat at him . " Not till- " I ran away from him . He can figure what happen when Im long gone back in New York , Im moving back there again with my dad in October . i was suppose to tell Justin, but not any more . 

" Mayra get in the car " Justin said . " NO I CAN WALK ITS ONLY 15 MINUTES AWAY " I shouted at him not bothering looking behind . I heard loud footsteps pounding on the ground . " MAYRA GET IN THE DAMN CAR ITS TOO FAR TO GO WALKING AND ITS RAINING  " He was running right behind me . I started to run . " NOT IF IM RUNNING " I ran and made sure I lost him . Right now its not the best time to annoy me . 

I ran back home and got home just in time to eat dinner , oh fuck . Im soaking wet , I stepped in the house shivering . " Oh my Mayra why didn't Justin bring you " My mom asked . I shrugged . " Im going to shower and get changed " i said walking to my room . 

I put my backpack down and got in the shower forgetting everything for the meanwhile . Im staying strong . Justin was just the test god put in front of me . " MAYRA JUSTINS HERE " My step dad shouted . I groaned , I was still showering . So I took an hour in the shower . I got out with a towel wrapped around me and shouted . " IM NOT HERE " I don't want anything or see anyone right now . " OK " Justin shouted and the door closed. 

I sighed in relief he left . I heard foot steps coming from outside the door and the door creaked open . " Mom can you please leave , I need to change and I don't want to see anyone right now " I quietly spoke . " I would love to be you- " I turned around and saw it was justin . " your mother but she isn't here " He finished . My eyes widen , " Justin get outta here now " I growled at him . I was only in my bra and panties with a towel wrapped around my body . 

God please help me out with this guy . He annoys me to death . 


Ok guys this Story is dedicated to my best friend , Mayra . One of my Best friends Hope you like this story ! c; What chu think guys good or NAH . LOL Ok now let me know what you think ok . Should I update this story you tell me and Ill update this ~JustinLovesMe 

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