Turn To You

Mayra is going back to school after being gone for 3 years , she went to texas and now she lives in LA , She is going to Senior year, to finish it off . Justin Bieber is the player at school , every girl liked him , except for Mayra . Mayra didn't give him any attention . Justin didn't like that she didn't pay attention to him , so he started to tell her how beautiful she was and how adorable she was too . Justin of course being him didn't like her , but slowly he started to fall in love with her . She showed him new things everyday .. " Hey baby " Justin said to Amber . " Hello " she smiled . Justin is going out with Amber but asked Amber if he can flirt with Mayra to get her attention , she said yes , so he is doing his job . " Hows it going " She asked . " Almost there " he replied ... A little bit of what itll look like . And Credits To Herleen28 for the COVER !!! Thanks so Muchh!


3. " My Siblings "

** Mayra's P.O.V ** 

" Ok now tell me why the hell is he in Spanish class you and him speak french " I said to Derek . " Well uhm yeah cause he finds all the Latina girls in there , you see he likes Latina girls like you " He back away . " Wait what , I better get out that class " I joked . " Damn Mayra thought you would have screamed at me"  " No I don't like him at all " I stated . " Thats what I told him " He said . " Ok come on lets go to Science class thats the last period " I grabbed his hand and ran with him . 

" Ok class yall need to study your study guide cause tomorrow we have a test " Mrs. Kiki said . Everyone groaned . " Psst " I heard someone say , I turned around and it was that Justin guy . I ignored him and said to Derek " Hey Derek me you gonna study right ? " I asked " Yeah duh of course who else is gonna be your partner in crime " He joked . " Ok partner in crime " I laughed and paid attention to the teacher . 

I felt some one stare at me and it bothered me on my first day guys want to hang out with me . I turned to see who was staring and it was Justin , he was glaring at me , Ugh class is almost over only one more damn minute and Im out . " Ok class y'all study " She said before the bell rang . I got my stuff and was about to leave with Derek when someone pulled me another direction . 

" Who the hell are you " I was about to scream when the person covered my mouth . " Ssh May " Justin said . Great just great . " LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE JUSTIN I DON'T FUCKING LIKE YOU OK AT ALL GO WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND OR GIRLFRIENDS " I yelled at him and ran out to meet Derek outside . 

I meet derek in the parking lot , he had a Motorcycle . " Woah Derek " My eyes widen . " Yeah I know sexy huh " He laughed . " Yeah uhm no way in hell am I getting in that thing " I said . " Oh come on babe , you wont die " He said . " Ok fine , only for you baby " I joked . " Ok come on Im hungry " he said and i ran to the motorcycle and sat down on it . " Ok put this on " he handed me a helmet and I put it on . 

" Ok hold on tight " he said , I wrapped me hands around his torso and he drove off . " Ahh Derek Imma get you back for this " I yelled scared . He laughed . 

We arrive to his house , I hopped out first and jumped up and down . " THANK YOU GOD FOR NOT LETTING ME DIE WITH THAT THING " I prayed . " Shut up May , I would never kill you "He said while getting in the house . " Ok lets go eat " I said . Once I got in i got bear hug . " Hey Jaxo " His name is Jaxon , he's Derek's little cousin . " Hey Mayra , Ive missed yo-ou where'd you go " He pouted . 

" Aw Jaxon , Ive been in Texas dancing with my dad , where's Jazzy " I asked for Jazzy, Derek's other little cousin. " Here I am " she said . " Hey Baby how y'all been " I asked . " Good " they said at the same time . " So where is your mom , Derek " I asked him . " I think she in the living room was taking care of Jeremy's kids till we came in " He said . " Oh ok " I said . " Im hungry go make me foood " Derek whined . " Ok baby , Go sit " I babied him . He did as told . I fixed him a sandwich and Jazzy and Jaxon too . " ok what do you want to drink " I asked them . " Soda, Apple Juice , Orange Juice " they said all together .

I walked over to the table and sat the food and drinks down . " K get up " I said . They each got a sandwich and ate it . I just got an apple and ate the sandwich after it . I started to sing out of nowhere . " Forever will be ours , Even if we try to forget , Love will remember " " All your promises and all them plans we had what happened to that what happened to that ?, Boom gone yeah we move one Even if we try to forget , Love will remember you and love will remember me I know it inside my heart forever will forever be ours , Even if we try to forget . " I sang randomly . 

" Woah Mayra " Jaxon cheered . I smiled . " How do you know how to sing like that " Derek asked . I shrugged " Dunno just comes to me " i simple said " Somewhere and forever we'll dance again " I said or mostly sang . " Damn Mayra , lets go study " He said . " Ok ". " Ok " he said . " Ok kids go play with Aunt Mary " I said and they rushed off to play with their toys . 

" Come on lets go study " He held my hand and led me upstairs . " Ok science here we go " I mumbled . This is going to be a long day . 

" Derek did you get it right " I asked . " Yeah I got it " He said . " Ok then more practice its like what the 5th day of school and we get a test . " he mumbled . " Correction , Review of what we remember last year , well y'all not me " I said . " Yeah Yeah ok " He said and kept on looking at his study guide . This is a long night . 

** Justin's P.O.V **

What is going on with this girl , she has rejected me 2 times already , while thinking I  was driving over to Aunt Mary's house to pick up Jazzy and Jaxon . Once I got to her house , I knocked on the door and walked in . " Hey little buddy " I picked up Jaxon . " Where's Jazzy at " I asked him " Up ! " Jaxon said . I gave a confused face and walked up the stairs . " Baby now go play with Jaxo " I know that voice . " Noo me want to stay here " I heard Jazzy whine . " No Jaz Justin is coming to pick you up " I heard Derek say . I walked in Derek's room , and saw Mayra on Derek's lap . And Jazzy on the floor pouting . Mayra stood up from Derek's lap once she saw me . " You see Jazzy Justin's here " Derek said . 

" Wait what , So this 2 little cuties are his siblings " Mayra said . " There My Siblings " I stated . Mayra whispered something to Jazzy . " Don't be meant to Justy " Jazzy laughed . " What did she say " I asked Jazzy  " Ssh secret " Mayra said . " Goo justin you need to take them to your dad member " Derek said . " Come on Jazzy and Jaxon " I said . I saw Mayra get up and help me out with Jazzy " Ill be right back Derek Ill help out Justin here " She said . 

She went to look for Jazzy's Jacket . " Now Jaz where's your Jacket at " she asked her . " Dunno " she shrugged her shoulders . " Uhm Did she bring a jacket " She asked me . " No " I said , hey I don't like her , Only her body is just hmm . " Ok here you go Jazzy next time bring a sweater " She gave her , her sweater." Aren't you going to be cold " I asked . 

" Nah they're your siblings and I've missed them so she can take it Ill ask Aunt Mary if I can use one of hers " She said . " No here take my sweater " I tried to be nice . " No thanks , you should go " She rejected me again you serious . " Ok well yeah bye " I said and she waved her hand .

" Ok guys lets go home with dad " I said and they rushed into the car . Im making a plan so that Mayra likes me , she said she doesn't like me but I like her . And as I said , I get what I want when ever the fuck I want . " Goo justy nooww " Jazzy whined . I laughed and drove off to Dad's place . 


Hey guys whats up today , Well right now my best friend is happy she loved this story , She didn't know i could write like this till I should her on 3/17/14 at night like at 9 , she yeah lol Next chapter in a couple of days , you tell me when and Ill update . I have the chapters written down already so yeah c: ~JustinLovesMe 

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