Turn To You

Mayra is going back to school after being gone for 3 years , she went to texas and now she lives in LA , She is going to Senior year, to finish it off . Justin Bieber is the player at school , every girl liked him , except for Mayra . Mayra didn't give him any attention . Justin didn't like that she didn't pay attention to him , so he started to tell her how beautiful she was and how adorable she was too . Justin of course being him didn't like her , but slowly he started to fall in love with her . She showed him new things everyday .. " Hey baby " Justin said to Amber . " Hello " she smiled . Justin is going out with Amber but asked Amber if he can flirt with Mayra to get her attention , she said yes , so he is doing his job . " Hows it going " She asked . " Almost there " he replied ... A little bit of what itll look like . And Credits To Herleen28 for the COVER !!! Thanks so Muchh!


2. Fresh Start

** Mayra's P.O.V ** 

Im still awake and its like what 2 in the morning , i can't sleep , Im too nervous about going back to school , this past 3 years Ive been in Texas home-schooled with my dad teaching me stuff . Now Im going to Senior year at Walter High School , in LA . Yup Im back living with my mom and step dad . I only know 3 people at school , that is Demi Lolo, Nick Mandra  and Derek Bieber . Ugh Mayra go to sleep , I told myself . Nope nada worked . Since I can't sleep im going to go eat some cookies that are in one of my drowers . There was 18 , its funny Im 18 too .  I looked at the Tv , I should turn it on and watch sponge bob . I laid back down on bed and watched and ate till I slowly fell asleep . 

" Mayra get up " My mom woke me up " Mami cinco minutos mas " Oh yeah and Im Mexican Forgot to tell you that .  " No cause 5 minutes for you is 10 minutes " she said with a laugh . I smiled yeah thats me . " Ugh fine mom " I groaned and got up " Thata girl " she said before leaving my room . " High school here I come " I mumbled . 

I looked at the time it was 6:45 , its so early in the morning . I walked in the bathroom and stripped off my clothes and got in the shower . Once I got out , I wrapped a towel around myself . i walked in my walk in closet and took out vvv this 

I didn't want to dress in a skirt or short maybe tomorrow . I really like shoes and beanies . " MAYRA  COME ONE " my mom shouted " COMING " I grabbed my backpack and phone and ran downstairs . " Mom can I take the silver Ford Escape or the White Carmaro " I asked " Honey you have 3 cars chose " she said . Yup 3 cars . " Mom I think Im selling the sports car cause if I drive that Ill die " I said " Ok tell your step-dad ok "  I nodded my head " Ok mom Im going " I kissed her cheek " You ne- " I ran before she could tell me I needed to eat breakfast , I had an apple Ill eat that . 

I hopped in the Ford Escape and drove off to school . I arrived at school , I got out the car and started to walk in side . They gave me weird looks , I looked down and walked until I bumped into someone . " Im so sorry " I said to the person , I looked up and it was Demi . " Its aight girl lets go to the main office " She said . 

" Where are they guys " I asked her while she was walking we to my class . " I don't know they were suppose to be here " She shrugged . " Oh ok " I said . " Hey Sweetie " I knew that voice " Mayra" the other voice said . It was Derek and Nick . " Hi " I said hugging Nick and then Derek . " Hey beautiful sister " he hand his hands on my waist , it didn't bother me , we were practically brother and sister . 

" Come on boo lets go to spanish class " Derek said . " Ok baby lets go " He still had his hands around my waist . " Ok your seating next to me " He said . " So how was Texas " he asked . " Fine , I well me and dad bought a dancing studio so I can go there when ever I want " I smiled . " Really whats the studio's name ? " He asked . " Dunno , I forgot " " Oh cool , anything new " He asked . " Nah what about you " I asked . " Nah nothing special me and Maria broke up thats all" He smiled . " Woah , you forgot to tell me that " I pretended to be mad . " Don't be mad I forgot and aye our first day being a senior " He said . " I know feels the same to me " I shrugged . 

" Ok heads up Justin Bieber don't get close to him - " i interrupted him . " Bieber? As in your last name " I said " Yeah , Cousin anyway he is a player  " " Ok I wont I think that was the dude that was staring at me about a couple minutes ago "  I said . " He was staring at you " He said . " Yeah and you too like ." I showed him how he was staring . " Oh he thought Im going out with you " he said . " Ew no your my brother " i said while playing with his hands . " I know " he said . 

" And besides he's not my type " I stated . " Yeah I know baby " he joked . " Ok class we have a new student with us , Mayra por favor ven y presentate  " Mr. Gonzales said . I got up and introduced myself and the dude , Justin was staring . Why is he even in here ? I went to go sit down . " Canadian dude why is your cousin here " I asked derek . " Tell you later " He whispered . I nodded my head and paid attention to Mr . Gonzales . 

** Justin's P.O.V ** 

That girl is really pretty , every girl I want is pretty . " Yo Derek whats up " I bro hugged him . " Sup birthday boy " . Oh yeah todays my birthday , turned 18 . " Nothing just here with My beautiful girlfriend " I said kissing Amber's cheek . She giggled . " Thats nice hey Ill catch you later , I need to meet someone " he said . " Hold up baby " I told Amber . " Derek whats the new girl's name " I asked him . " Woah woah woah , your staying with Amber or Chelsea or whom ever you want but Mayra nah cuzo leave her alone you freaked her out earlier this morning she don't like you ," He said . 

" You cheat on every girl , she doesn't need that " He said before running off . Oh so her name is Mayra . Mhm sounds Latina , like i like it . " Baby come on lets go " Amber said while putting on lip gloss or whatever . I grabbed her arm and headed to lunch . " What do you want Amber " I asked her . " Uhm a salad and water " Ugh eat don't starve yourself . I said in my mind . " Ok here " I said and I got a burger with fries and a soda . 

I looked around the table till I found her's and Derek's table . Found it ! " Come on " I said to amber . " This a new year which means a Fresh Start " I heard her say . I sat down next to Derek " Hey cuzo " I said . " Thought you sat over there and didn't we just talk about 3 minutes ago " he was annoyed . " Yeah not today and yeah i know " I said . Mayra just stared at us . " Hi sweetheart " I said to Mayra and Amber cleared her throat , " Trying to be nice " I said . " Ok uhm Nick lets go " Mayra said . And walked off with him . Woah did she just reject me or is it just me . 

" Told you Justin " Derek said before leaving with Demi . Ugh shut up Derek no one asked you . I rolled my eyes . Nice I don't like her but her body is just hmm . Im getting her cause I get what i want when I want it . 


Ok guys whats up today So Im here hungry so I thought i would write something for you !! Love you all good bye Ill be writing more for ya ~ JustinLovesMe 


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