After breakups with Danielle and Sophia liam Payne lost it. He needed a girl in his life who could not leave him. After kidnapping her they ran away to america. Would she ever be safe again?


3. danielle

"Lee, we need to talk about this" Danielle pleaded, but Liam wouldn't listen

  "No Dan! What is there to say!" He screamed  

"I'm sorry, this isn't what I wanted, but..." She began but he cut her off  

"What you wanted? What you wanted! No Danielle, clearly you did want this. After all, you are the one breaking up with me!"  

"Liam for gods sake. Will you just shut up and listen for a minute!" Danielle shouted back, louder than Liam had ever known her to be. This shut him up  

"Go on then, explain" He muttered  

"It's just not the same anymore. You're not the same anymore" She said gently  

"What do you mean I'm not the same?" He asked as the tears rolled down his cheeks  

"I don't know exactly, but it feels like you aren't my Liam anymore. Sometimes I feel like I hardly know you anymore"  

"You do know me Dan, you know me better than anyone" He almost pleaded  

"But I don't Lee. I wish I did, I wish it didn't have to be this way"  

"Then I'll change Dan, I'll be your Liam again" He pleaded  

"It's not enough" She said softly  

"Then what is enough!" He yelled  

"See what I mean Lee. This isn't you, the Liam I know doesn't get this angry"  

"I'm not angry Dan. I'm panicking. I'm scared that you will leave and I'm sad that you want to leave. Don't do this Dan, please don't do this to me." Liam sobbed, but Danielle just shook her head.  

"I'm sorry Liam, I wish it didn't have to be this way" She whispered softly as she walked out of the house they had once shared so many happy memories in. As she walked up the road she heard things being smashed and broken. She got her phone out and text Niall, he was Liams best friend after all.  

Niall: I just ended things with Liam. He took it really badly and I think he's smashed the house up. Can you go check on him please. One day, when he's over me, can you tell him that I did this for his own good. Thanks Ni.  

The tears fell silently from her face to the phone screen as she typed the message, stopping many times to wipe the screen   'This is it?' She thought 'It's really over'      


  Niall received the text and made his way to Liams straight away. He got there and saw the door wide open. He walked in and couldn't believe his eyes. Liam was sitting on the floor, leaning against a cupboard and crying his eyes out. Around him there was broken glass, broken plates and many other things, broken or just laying there.  

"Lee?" Niall asked softly.  

"She's gone Ni" He sobbed. Niall looked at his best friend who was I pieces  

"What did she say?" He asked  

"That I'm not the same Liam anymore, that she doesn't feel like she knows me" He knew it was wrong, but Niall couldn't help but agree with Danielle. Liam had changed, for the worst. He was no longer the sweet, innocent boy who, even though he failed the first time, didn't give up and took the world by storm. He wasn't his best mate anymore.  

"It will be okay, she doesn't deserve your love" Niall told his friend, but in his mind he knew that he was lying. In all honesty Liam didn't deserve Danielles love. Whilst Liam sat there sobbing, Niall cleared up the house. No words were spoken as neither boy knew what to say.  

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