Death Track

Carmen is in love with her best friend. Which had benefits in her opinion. Because she's sick, she's deadly sick, and this best friend happens to be the reason why she keeps fighting the disease. But when her friend goes to try out for the X-factor, she lost her will to live. Her friend became famous without her knowing, she spends most of her time in the hospital. She keeps living for three years. But when she meets her friend unexpectedly in a hospital, things change. And Carmen can only hope things change for the better. Or will she fall back into the dark black hole that's called love.


7. Chapter 7 Pain Isn't Fine

Carmen's pov

I broke out of our hug, and looked into Niall's eyes, he scanned me, just like I did with him.

"Hey, that's a long time ago, you've chanced I must admit." I smiled. He chuckled and his eyes found mine again. I always loved his eyes the most, I think everyone did. well except his personality, but I don't know if he chanced.

"It's like two years ago?" he smiled at me, but in fact I was a bit hurt he left me, and never tried to re-connect. it was just coincident that I met him here.

"Three." I said a bit ruder then meant.

"Ow." he mumbled, looking down at his feet. maybe he had an reason to do so.

He looked back to the door. I noticed two guys standing there, one with brown curls and if you took another glance, you saw he had green eyes and one with deep blue eyes and brown windy hair.

"Hey, I'm Carmen." I extended my hand, as far as I could. I bit my lip, trying not to scream out in pain. I hated the pain the most form my disease.

"Harry styles." The one with curls and green eyes smiled. he had straight teeth, was the first thing I noticed when he smiled. he had a cheeky smile, and he looked very atrective.

"Louis, Tomlinson, but I guess you knew that, most people do." the other said, very self centered may I add.

"and why would that be?" I asked, my hand still hanging in the air. I felt a bit numb, so I laid it down in my lap.

" I thought you would, like I said most people know who we are, you know because we're in a ba-" he didn't finished his sentence as Niall cut him off.

"I just think you should shake her hand, then it would be fine." he shot louis an knowing glance and Louis nodded in return, probably guy talk and everything. girls shouldn't know anything about that. but maybe Niall told them about me, that thought made my cheeks heat up. so I quickly extended my hand again for them to shake.

I giggled, as he shook my hand. Their hands were strong, specially the one from Harry. My hand laid fragile in theirs, I felt small, still I felt better. Better then before.

"CARMEN." my mom ran into the room, and flung on my neck, I knew the pain would come back.

"Aargh MOM." I screamed, as the pain shot trough my body. again who wouldn't hate pain, well maybe those sick girls who cut themselves. I feel sorry for them to be honest. they should live happily.

"Sorry Hun, I forgot." She pulled back, and looked at me, concerned filled eyes. but I knew she was faking it. she always was, she only cared about herself and money. no even about her own daughter I've learned.

"No worries." I smiled, faking my smiles. that was usually how it went, she acted concerened, I acted like it wasn't even happned.

"So what is a boy doing in your room?" my mom asked as she looked at Niall. she was protective over me, specially when Niall was around. she didn't like, not at all. she would always scare boys away, she only approved Jordi, because he was really smart, and got high grades.

"This boy, is Niall." I smiled, and looked at Niall, he smiled back. and on that moment I knew I wanted him in my life again. I can only hope he stays there, not leaving like he did the last time. I didn't mind him leaving for the xfacotr, I only minded that he seemed to have forgotten about me

Niall made me smile more then I had done before on a day. Even the day I first went to London. it was strange what a boy could do to you, it's like a fangirl who sees her idol and get to have a picture with them. he had that light in my heart, but he only needs to put it on.

"Ow Niall?" my mom frowned, she shot him a nasty glare, and if looks could kill. Niall would be laying cold and death on the ground. luckily they couldn't

"That's a long time ago." she scowled. She then noticed the other two boys "Who are they?" she asked in same disgust. but I still think they both look attractive.

"they are Louis and Harry, I suppose they are Niall's friends, or weird dressed nures. " I introduced. Louis and Harry chuckled, and a smile formed on Niall's face.

"Louis Harry, this is my mom." they shook hands, and I just waited, what was I suppose to do now?

"Miss midland, are you ready for surgery?" the doctor walked in. I gulped, I didn't like surgery, I had enough of it, I was done with it.

"Sorry, but there can't be so many people in the room, one only. And one only can come in later. Sorry it's for your own health." he looked around, waiting for them to leave. Louis and Harry walked out the room. My mom waited for Niall to go out, but he didn't. a smile crept onto my face, he was challenging her.

"Niall? would you stay?" I asked, hoping my mom would leave, and I knew she would, or the doctor would make her.

I have seen her enough in a hospital. I really love my mom, well kind of. But she is the only one I'm close with, I think there should be some change. to be honest if only Niall was allowed in here, I would be pleased.

"Of course." Niall walked towards my bed, and took my hand in his. his hands were bigger then I could remember, also more muscular.

His hand was big and warm, I wanted to squeeze it, but that would hurt, and I knew that. But I mostly knew that I couldn't get attached to someone. Not someone like Niall. Someone I could fall for. not someone I have fallen for before. It hurts to think that way but it is true.

not in this situation, not in a situation were I'm probably the victim, the soon to be death victim.

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