Death Track

Carmen is in love with her best friend. Which had benefits in her opinion. Because she's sick, she's deadly sick, and this best friend happens to be the reason why she keeps fighting the disease. But when her friend goes to try out for the X-factor, she lost her will to live. Her friend became famous without her knowing, she spends most of her time in the hospital. She keeps living for three years. But when she meets her friend unexpectedly in a hospital, things change. And Carmen can only hope things change for the better. Or will she fall back into the dark black hole that's called love.


5. Chapter 5 One Direction

Carmen's pov

"Who is Niall horan." I asked curious,
Maybe the nurse could arrange something so I could meet him, if that was possible. as if on cue a nurse came into my room.

"A famous singer. But we can't give any information about him staying here, otherwise fangirls like yourself are going to come here, and mob him in this state, he can't handle that" I laughed, he will never be a famous singer not my little Nialler, he had an amazing voice yes, but just to think he becomes that big. no. that would be a big fat no

"S-sorry. I thought I knew him. But the guy I know isn't famous." I shook my head at my stupidity, really stupid Carmen.

"Would you like me to turn on the tv." the nurse asked. I nodded my head saying yes. She pressed play, a music channel came on.

"That is One Direction. He is in that band. If you're interested, he was put in a band with some other lads, he's the only Irish one. I know all of this because my daughter is a huge fan." she turned the volume louder.

I looked at the screen. I saw familiar curls, the boy who had them, was a cute boy, with dimples as he smiled. There was a black haired boy, he looked kind of foreign. two other boys with brown hair, and one who looked oddly familiar. He had blond dyed hair, and blue eyes. This was Niall Horan. The one and only I knew from Mullingar. The one who I developed feelings for, but which I always denied.

I gulped, why was he on tv, he could never be in a band, never. He was Niall, I can't imagine it, not even when I see this. maybe he just looks like him, yes that must be it.

"Miss?" I asked the nurse who was about to leave.

"Can you say to Niall Horan that Carmen Midland is here." I looked at her, hoping she would say yes, I gave her puppy dog eyes, but she shook her head 'no'.

"You only have to say that, please." I begged. The nursed sighed, but agreed. If I wasn't in so much pain I would have done a happy dance. So I just tried.

The nurse walked out the room, leaving me smiling madly. But how would he be like. Many question shot into my mind. But I couldn't really focus as a sharp pain shot through my body. I screamed in pain, and quickly nurses and doctors ran into the room. I took one last glance at the tv. The last thing I saw were two blue bright eyes staring at me. Then everything went black.

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