Death Track

Carmen is in love with her best friend. Which had benefits in her opinion. Because she's sick, she's deadly sick, and this best friend happens to be the reason why she keeps fighting the disease. But when her friend goes to try out for the X-factor, she lost her will to live. Her friend became famous without her knowing, she spends most of her time in the hospital. She keeps living for three years. But when she meets her friend unexpectedly in a hospital, things change. And Carmen can only hope things change for the better. Or will she fall back into the dark black hole that's called love.


30. Chapter 30 Double Date

Carmen's pov

I quickly added some mascara onto my eyelashes. I really wasn't the one for make-up. But in a club it was really dark, so it wouldn't help any. It's not like you could clearly see if a person is wearing make-up.

"Are you ready love?" I heard Jordy from downstairs. I smiled at his voice, he was really sweet. I think fate just wants us to be together. But seeing Niall again, made me so happy. But I'm not sure how I feel about him. Yes I said I had no feelings for him at all. But he doesn't need to know I still have them.

"Yeah I am." I said as I made my way downstairs. Besides he has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend. We.. No I got over it. He had nothing to get over. He never felt the same way.

"You look lovely. I'm still not sure how I got you to be my girlfriend, you're way to perfect." I giggled. He was so sweet. Yes Jordy was a dork. Key word was. He has chanced. He has brown wavy hair and bright blue eyes and he's very muscular. And he's just really sweet.

He wasn't seeing a girl, al though girls were swooning over him before he met me. I opened the door and walked out followed by Jordy. He gentlemanly opened the car door and got in the drivers seat.

"So who did you say we were going on a double date with?" He asked and I laughed. The hate from Niall's side wasn't from one side. Jordy hated Niall too, and from what I know he still does. Every time a song from one direction comes up, he shuts it down and curses mainly towards Niall.

"You know Niall?" His brow frowned as I asked him but he nodded knowing where this was going.

"Well he and his girlfriend." I said, a bit afraid of his reaction. He looked at me but quickly at the road, his hands gripping onto the steering wheel harder.

"He has a girlfriend?" He tried not to sound a tad bit mad, but I knew he was. I knew he didn't like Niall. Yet I take both on a double date. I've been told I'm not smart.

"Yeah she's called Annie, We knew each other from when we were younger. He knew her too, we were like a.. a.. a gang." I said, and Jordy chuckled lightly. I smiled and then turned my attention to the road.

"So where are we exactly going?" I asked, and he looked at me because the car had stopped and we were in front of a club. Music booming from inside. Jordy helped me out the car and I smiled at him. He quickly pecked my lips.

"Carmen!" I whipped around and saw a mad smiling Niall. But when his eyes fell on Jordy he looked confused.

"Who's this?" He asked eyeing Jordy up and down.

"I'm her boyfriend, Jordy. Don't remember me?" He asked and smirked down at Niall. He raised his brows and l shifted awkwardly. I knew this couldn't be good.

"You're her boyfriend." Niall laughed humorlessly. "She's way to good for you." He said and scrunched up his nose. Jordy shrugged.

"We all know you're just jealous. So shut up Horan." He grabbed my hand and intertwined his finger with mine, which made my smile. I tried to hide it for Niall's sake, but I just couldn't.

"Niall... Ow hello Carmen. And who may this be?" Annie asked and looked up to Jordy. She looked at him with a twitch of lust. I rolled my eyes. She has always been like that.

"This is Jordy, my boyfriend. It's such a long time ago. We really need to catch up." I smiled and let go of Jordy's hand and gave her a hug. I noticed how much prettier she got over the years. And I couldn't help but feel a tad bit jealous.

"Yeah we totally should." She smiled, but I noticed how fake her smiled was. "Now lets go inside." She grabbed Niall's and dragged him inside. A bit roughly may I add.

"We should go inside too." Jordy smiled and I smiled back at him. I guess you could say I'm totally in love. He just makes me feel special every time he's around.

We walked to the bar. How typical. Annie had already got herself a drink and clamped it, and Niall had three beers next to him casually. I laughed at the sight. He looked up and smirked.

"You got yourself some drinks." He looked down at the beers and chuckled to himself and then handed Jordy one and looked at him in disgust and then handed me one.

"Thanks." I held it up and then took a swing. I guess We should take a cab back, seeing we're all drinking. No one could drive drunk of course.

"I want to dance Niallie." He flinched at his nickname but nodded anyway and took her hand and lead her up the dance floor. Jordy and I laughed a little.

"Niallie." I put up a fake high pitched voice and we both laughed. I looked at the dance floor and saw Niall and Annie dancing. They were pushed against each other, and Annie shot me glares.

"I guess Annie doesn't like you." Jordy joked, I rolled my eyes.

"We were great friends back then, I guess she's just a jealous girlfriend. Just like I am." I kissed his lips and then quickly deepened the kiss. He was like my drug. But for tonight it wasn't enough.

"I want a vodka." I told the bartender. He looked at me and nodded. Jordy raised his brows but I just shrugged it off. He chuckled in return.

"We if you drank your vodka, would you want to dance with me?" He asked a bit shyly. I nodded. Then I received my vodka and drank it carefully. But the last bit I drank up a bit quickly.

"Lets dance." I could add. I usually am not the one for alcohol. So I get pretty fast drunk, I'm not... yet. Otherwise. I wouldn't be thinking straight and I am so..

"I think you're really pretty and that I'm happy to be with you." He smiled and then leaned in, I did the same and then kissed him. Again my drug didn't work.

So after a few songs dancing and the alcohol flowing around me. I got to the bar and asked for another vodka. I got him and I drank it up rather wuickly, knowing I could get drunk. Then Annie came to me with a big grin on her face.

"Hey" she smiled and it was a fake smile again. Even in my drunk state I saw how fake it was. That must say something.

"Fake.. Uhm I mean hey!" I said as loud as possible. So it was a high scream just above the music. She nodded her head and then her smile disappeared. No smile come baaaaack. You made her seem nice. Slightly.

"So, I see the way Niall is looking at you. Just stay away. You won't survive long. And you and I both know that." She smirked and I frowned, how could she know. She must be a doctor working in the hospital. No that sounds stupid. Girls aren't doctors, only boys are.

"He can't even look. His eyes are to blue for that. It gets all foggy." I said like it was the most obvious thing in the world, well actually it is. So..

"You need to stay away, otherwise I'll make sure the time you have left, is shorter then it actually is."

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