Death Track

Carmen is in love with her best friend. Which had benefits in her opinion. Because she's sick, she's deadly sick, and this best friend happens to be the reason why she keeps fighting the disease. But when her friend goes to try out for the X-factor, she lost her will to live. Her friend became famous without her knowing, she spends most of her time in the hospital. She keeps living for three years. But when she meets her friend unexpectedly in a hospital, things change. And Carmen can only hope things change for the better. Or will she fall back into the dark black hole that's called love.


3. Chapter 3 Niall Horan

I walked out of a clothing shop. My mom and I were already two days in London. The city was more beautiful then I had imagined. There were people everywhere. Big shops, and long streets. It was truly more then I could ever dream of. I loved the shops, they were just huge. with so many people. but sadly they were also quite expensive.

I walked to a bench and sat down, my mom quickly followed. I placed the shopping bags beside me and took in my surroundings I liked it here, no I loved it. I didn't want to ever leave this place.

"Are you tired?" my mom asked. she looked a bit worried, which I didn't understand. she never really cared about me, because of my disease, she got extra money. like she would spend that on me.

"No, I just need to s-" I couldn't finish my sentence. a pain shot through my veins. I fell on the ground. and gripped in my stomach, but my whole body hurt, I can't that this.

"mom." I begged. but it came out more like a squeak.

My mom had her phone in her hand, and talked to someone on the phone. I wanted to help her, make sure she didn't cry. But I couldn't move. I did my best, not to close my eyes and faint. but it didn't work because everything went black.

I opened my eyes, and I was in an unfamiliar place. there were bright lights, and I was sure I wasn't in a hospital room, but maybe some where else in the hospital.

"She's awake." someone yelled. That person bowed over me. she looked with dull eyes, but tried to have and worried face she tried to hide. which she failed miserably at. doctor's need drama classes.

"Hello dear, we're taking you to a hospital. Do you know your name?" she asked she smiled, but her eyes staid dull and the smile didn't reach her eyes.

"Of course I'm Carmen Midland." the woman nodded her head, and then gave me some water.

"Thanks, we will try to get you a room, but we're not sure where to place you until we get some information. so if you don't mind you can stay here on the hallway." She said, I tried to move up but I was pushed back onto the stretcher.

"Don't take any risks now miss." the woman said. I wanted to roll my eyes, but didn't. This woman was trying to save my ass. but she wasn't nice at all, even if she tried.

"stay here, and I'll what I can do." she smiled and she walked away. just what I needed, to be allone. not. I took a look around the place and it wasn't modern nor is it old classic. it was plain old ugly. I already hate this place, I hope I can get out of here quickly.

Two boys rushed in. They looked around the room, and then their eyes landed on the lady at the desk, but one pair of eyes found mine. I quickly looked away, as I felt my cheeks heat up. I didn't even know why, maybe because he was quite fit, and guys never looked at me, not even in a disgusting way. not that I mind that point.

"We're looking for our friend Niall horan." one guy with brown eyes said. but I could only see his back.

Niall horan. A friend of mine was named Niall, well he once was my friend, best friend. but also my crush. there were some awkward situations. but he had a girlfriend, not that I could complain I had a boyfriend myself, Niall was never to fond of him.

I shot up, but quickly fell down moaning in pain. They said Niall. Could it be Niall. The guy I met at school. Well the first time I met him wasn't exactly at school. It was at he boys toilet in some posh restaurant. But that time doesn't count.

I watched the boys nod, and they walked towards me. What! they sat on two chairs next to me. WHY? I wanted to cry. I was so awkward, but not that I'm going to talk to them, no way.

"Hello love." one of them said. this was the one who talked at the desk, I remembered his voice.

"H-hello." I tried to look at the guy, and only caught a glimpse of brown curly hair.

"So you're here alone." another voice said. he had an deep, slow accent. it was british, but what would to expect in London, in England. to find someone with an Irish accent. it could though.

"I think I am but I'm not sure to be honest." I say, not knowing if my mom was here or not. the woman actually didn't even tell me where I was. maybe I'm not even in London anymore.

"Come on we have to go to a room." The woman from earlier pushed the stretcher. she took me to a room and placed me to be on my own, now I had time to think. but I still don't like to be allone, can't chance.

What was going to happen with me? But mostly where is Niall, haven't heard from him since he left for the xfactor. he never came looking for me, but I also didn't follow his xfactor journey. but I had to go to many hospitals, plus I once was two weeks out. so it wasn't my fault.That was that question which kept running through my mind. he was the only thing that was on my mind now, but also a those guys from earlier too.

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