Death Track

Carmen is in love with her best friend. Which had benefits in her opinion. Because she's sick, she's deadly sick, and this best friend happens to be the reason why she keeps fighting the disease. But when her friend goes to try out for the X-factor, she lost her will to live. Her friend became famous without her knowing, she spends most of her time in the hospital. She keeps living for three years. But when she meets her friend unexpectedly in a hospital, things change. And Carmen can only hope things change for the better. Or will she fall back into the dark black hole that's called love.


22. Chapter 22 Back Stage With Him

carmen's pov

we got to our places and waited until the show began, which should be over a few minutes. I was so excited, not only because I would see my friend preform. but I was out again, on my own without my mother bossing me around, I felt a bit free you could say,

"I'm so happy to be here." Mark said and he grabbed me in a side hug and quickly snapped a selfie, I could only muster a weak smile. Charlie on the other hand was fumbling with her hands. and look rather nervous. maybe she wasn't out going either.

the lights dimmed and I heard girls started screaming. and the boys came on stage and the sounds from the girls got louder, and I could hear Mark scream behind me, which made me smile. Charlie on the other hand looked around and her eyes shot from every boy, to the ground, and she tried to make herself smaller which I found quit odd. she could barely see something from her spot behind everyone.

"what are you doing!" I screamed over the screams and loud music. her eyes widened and she knew she was caught. she stood straight up and brushed her hair in front of her face, which looked actually quite odd. what was she doing?

"n-nothing." she mumbled and with the loud screams and music I could barely hear it. I took a step closer to her and brushed the stands of her hair out of her face.

"don't. you look great." I told her, just to be honest she looked really beautiful, if she wasn't a fan in anyway, I think I would introduce her to them and one of them could steal her heart and they would be a cute couple.

she frowned and nodded her head, she rose and started to watched the show, and I quickly followed. I saw Niall looking at our direction, but he didn't look at me. he looked at Charlie, he looked straight at her. but she just avoided his gaze. weird, maybe she wasn't good at making friends, that's why her brother is here. maybe she is anti-social. but Niall looked at her in confusion. Mark was right behind her, maybe he is jealous. ha. you wish, that what almost happened in the car was nothing.

Niall shook his head and looked at me, he smiled at me and I gave him a little wave which made him smile, he waved back. and girls around me started screaming even louder. 


the concert was creat and a securityguard came our way.

"would you two like to come backstage?" he asked. "I'm paul by the way." did he just say two? I looked behind me and there was Charlie.

"they would like if you could." he said to us. I nodded my head in a 'yes'. but Charlie did the complete opposite, she shook her head no.

"I wouldn't like that to be honest, bye." she waved. "see you later Carmen, I will get your number from Mark." she spoke and quickly walked away with her brother starting an argument about why she said no.

paul escorted me to the back and a few girls were talking about how happy they were that they got backstage. I waited with the girls until we could go to the boys.

the girls got greeted by them, and Niall looked for one in special, hopefully me. his eyes landed on me and he smile and mouthed 'after the fans are gone' he flashed me another smile and signed a fan's shirt.

"omg they are so cute."

"you are amazing."

"please follow me on twitter."

"I totally love you."

that kind of things I heard the past half hour until they were escorted outside. Niall quickly wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. he held me longer then needed, and then released me.

"you liked it?" he asked, hopefully. and I nodded my head.

"you were amazing, never heard something that angelic before, to be honest you improved." I smiled at him, and hesitated at first but then I leaned. I quickly kissed his cheek, and blush. just like the day before he left, the day we both pressed our lips to each others cheeks. I know nothing much. but at that moment, I knew I didn't want him to go.

"you didn't bring her, did you?" Harry asked Paul disappointed. he looked really sad, and I saw the boys eyeing him.

"no sorry mate, why would a fan mean so much to you?" Paul asked harry, and patted his back. even if my feelings lay by Niall, I didn't like it that he looked so sad.

"I just.. she.. ugh." Harry ran his hand trough his hair in frustration. his eyes twinkled, and he quickly got out the door. where is he going?

"you know." I pinched Niall's nose. "I made not one friend, but two." I smirked. "Mark and-" but I couldn't finish my sentence as Niall asked worried.

"a boy? you shouldn't go around boys. they aren't good, he can hurt you, you know." he frowned, and I burst out laughing.

"but aren't you a boy too?" he frowned and that made me laugh more. he shouldn't be so protective about me.

"yeah, but that's different. I know you, don't I. I'm your friend, I'm not going to hurt you." he smirked, but I shook my head.

"then I can never have a boyfriend, if I can't get to know any boys." his eyes widened.

"boyfriend?" he asked and his eyes turned sad, but he plastered a fake smile on his face, but I know Niall longer than this. he can't fake a smile to me.

"why are you sad?" I asked, I stepped closer, and looked into his blue orbs, which shone with sadness. I always loved his eyes, and got easily lost in them.

"just... " he trailed of, and his eyes made it's way to my lips, that's when I noticed I stood really close to him. he leaned in and before I knew it, his lips were on mine. his hands cupped my face and he pulled me closer. he was slightly bigger than me, so I stood on my tiptoes. and kissed him back. he had soft lips, and I felt something I wanted to feel again. the kiss I had in the closet, this was the same, it had the same magic, but why would Niall kiss me? I'm just Carmen nothing special.

I pulled back, and looked in his blue eyes once again. I looked for regret or disgust. but he smiled, showing his teeth. he had happiness in his eyes. and before I knew it he pecked my lips a few times, and started kissing my cheek, lowering to my jaw line. and I just stood there, not knowing what to do. so I just broke the silence.

"Niall." I whispered, he hummed but his lips didn't leave my skin.

"Niall." I whispered again, but again his lips didn't leave me, and I couldn't help thinking about his lips touching me right now. I couldn't help it, but the regretful thoughts faded away, I still had them, because who kisses his friends! specially when it's me. but he made them disappear.

"Carmen" He whispered back seductively. It sent shivers down my spine, and all my thoughts were focused on Niall right now.

"I- I want you."

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