Death Track

Carmen is in love with her best friend. Which had benefits in her opinion. Because she's sick, she's deadly sick, and this best friend happens to be the reason why she keeps fighting the disease. But when her friend goes to try out for the X-factor, she lost her will to live. Her friend became famous without her knowing, she spends most of her time in the hospital. She keeps living for three years. But when she meets her friend unexpectedly in a hospital, things change. And Carmen can only hope things change for the better. Or will she fall back into the dark black hole that's called love.


21. Chapter 21 'They Told Me I Was Fit'

Carmen's pov

the taxi made it's way to the concert, I gave him all the money Niall gave me. and made my way out of the taxi, I slammed the door shut and the driver opened his window.

"thank you, beautiful young lady." he smiled, and I smiled back. he tapped his head.

"I wont forget this." he smiled again and drove off. why was he so happy, - didn't he have business - then I'm happy I could help him. I grabbed my bag tighter and took out the ticket Niall also gave me. I really should find a job, I can't keep relaying on Niall I don't like that.

I made my way to the big building and a huge group of girls was waiting in front of it. they held signs saying things about the band members and the band itself. I saw a few older people, thinkable parents and a few boys. the girls were all looking exactly and were talking to each other and giggling. I was alone, not that Niall could hear this. I can do this on my own.

I took a look at my ticket again and it almost fell. 8:00 PM starts the show. it's 4:00 PM. this day is going to be a long, really long one. I sighed and heard girls behind me laugh, so I turned around and two girls were looking at me. one made a disgusting face at me and the other laughed about her. they made their way over me. this day was starting good, but now I'm not sure anymore. I heard from Louis and Liam that their girlfriends got much hate, on a daily basis. I know Zayn has a girlfriend too, but he doesn't talk about her that much.

"you look lonely." one of the girls said pitiful. I looked down at my shoes as one of them laughed and the other quickly followed.

"I bet you are always lonely, not only here. I bet no one wants to be your friend." I looked up at the girl and laughed, Niall was my friend. I think. she couldn't even dream of that.

"I think no one wants to be your friend, I don't even know you and you're already mean. not a good first impression do you think." I smirked and she shot me a glare. and I'm not stupid, if I told them I was a friend of Niall, she would make me prove it, and I don't think I want her to meet Niall.

"and now you're mad, wow you can't even listen to something mean and you're already crying." girls started crowding around us. a bit annoying I guess.

"you bitch, you don't know nothing about me. but surely I can tell you've never been kissed before, or had a boyfriend." I'm kissed by one of you idols so You shouldn't talk to loud.

"sorry I don't curse." I smiled sweetly. I think everyone chooses her side because I actually think I'm being mean, and I should be at my own side.

"you're to pussy for that. you're just one of those little nerd losers." she smirked and I had the urge to slap it of her face.

"ow really." I laughed. "I give you one advise look for friends in your own league bellow mine." she didn't take it anymore and jumped at me. I knew I couldn't handle this, and that I could faint, Niall would know I was weak and I couldn't do anything on my own maybe once in a week leave the house. getting here alone was already worth some begging.

so I did the first thing that came in my mind, I screamed. at the top of my longs and the only thing I got away with was a slap in the face, which didn't even hurt. she walked away swaying her hips disgustingly. when she was out of reach I just started to laugh, she was so stupid. I was almost killed with a razor, you can't hurt me.

"she was so mean." I heard a girl from my side. I wanted to snap at her and tell her that it was self defense. "you totally made her mad, really genius." I turned around and found a girl with brown hair, and a bow tied in it. she had big brown eyes and smiled at me. she had sweet features, but also a crazy, weird, nice look on the first look. she wore shorts and a pink blouse top, with cute bow ballerinas.

"I'm Charlie." she extended her hand and I took it. maybe I could make friends and prove Niall wrong.

"Carmen." I smiled. "so you're a directioner?" I asked, she smiled and she looked like one of those persons who could always smile no matter what situation, no matter how serious.

"you can call me that in a way. I'm totally in love with their music and I think their song writers are great. but I really don't care about the boys who everyone goes for." she explained and I smiled. she was someone I would be friends with, someone who doesn't go on the first look. "you?" she smiled and her cheeks coming forward.

"yeah their music is great and I think the lads are really nice too, but I'm not what you call a crazy fan, but I think a crazy fan wouldn't call herself that." Charlie started laughing.

"I think you're right. you know what I love?" she smiled. "I'm totally in love with those little key chain teddy bears. I have many of them, but they're just so cute." she squealed.

"I like.. uhm.. Nandos. and I'm totally in love with the city that is called London."

"Me too." Charlie squealed and smiled wickedly, I really like her smile. "have you been to the kew gardens they are amazing. al the information is so interesting and it's so fascinating. and all the different plants and the huge ground where it is placed on. there is also a huge lake and with little ducks, I even bought there a key chain teddy bear." she smiled and then remember something she grabbed her bag and started looking trough it.

she got a little teddy bear key chain out of it. the bear wore green pants and shirt, and had a cute little hat on with a flower in it. Charlie gave it to me excitedly, and I took it carefully.

"stay here and I'll get my brother." she quickly ran off leaving me with her key chain kew garden teddy bear. she quickly came back with a hot guy. she smiled and introduced him.

"this is Mark, but no worries he won't hit on you he's gay." she smiled and took the teddybear from me. and whispered into my ear.

"another reason why I'm here." I laughed at her, al those guys here probably are gay like Mark.

"it's nice to meet you." I extended my hand out for him and he shook it happily.

"you look lovely, I totally love your hair, you should teach me how you do it. then I can learn it too, and I can do it on Charlie." I heard Charlie groan behind him and I chuckled.

"when we have the time." I spoke, not knowing if I would see him again or not. I would hope so because I really start to like them. specially Charlie. I think she's special and not like the others. but I would love to have a gay friend. I truly would.

"Then give me your number we can make time darling. Everything for Charlie." He pinched her cheek which made me chuckle and Charlie groan again. A true brother and sister relationship.

"Okay." I spoke quietly and gave him my phone. I think this is the first time a guy asked my number except Niall, but back then I didn't have a mobile phone, and we had a list of everyone of our class with their house numbers. So it wasn't really asking on that point.

"Here you go, I gave Charlie's number also, only an hour to go until we can go inside. argh I'm so excited. Really, I can't even hold my breath for that matter." I chuckled and Charlie did so too.

"So Charlie tell me why do you have a teddy bear key chain collection?" I asked her. Her eyes turned sad and she looked at the ground. she mumbled something and then looked up her happy self again. It was really sad to see her sad, I don't even know her that good and it already hurts me.

"J-just... Becau-.. it's a habit I guess." she smiled not showing her teeth of like she did before, but what was even worse was that her smile didn't reach her eyes and it looked quite sad to see a happy person like that.

"Ow cool, so Mark who from one direction do you like?" I asked quickly chancing the subject. He gave his sister a side hug and whispered something in her ear. She nodded and grabbed her bag again searching again.

"Well Niall is super cute because he's Irish and he has this cute accent. But he is too sweet, not really my thing you know. And then you have Liam. Sweet thing it is but I think he has to be with Danielle they're perfect for each other. And you have Louis super funny of course but he's taken sadly. Other wise I would hunt on him." he winked and made me chuckle. "And you have Zayn, super mysterious which is damn sexy, and al his tattoos. Oh my. But then you have the last one: Harry, first he has perfect hair, perfect eyes, perfect face, perfect dimples, perfect abs, perfect every thing. Also he has so many tattoos like oh my gosh I even want them. He is like really hot, just my point he is über hot. So Harry is my favorite." He finished with a smile. And I was just staring at him with my mouth open. Was it possible that a guy just told me that about those five lads.

"So where are you seated?" I asked after I closed my mouth.

"Orange. You?" Charlie answered after she looked up from her bag, which I was forgotten she was doing. I took my ticked again and looked.

"Me too, we could stand with each other if you would like, I don't know if you got it but I'm here alone." Charlie nodded her head.

"Of course, but wouldn't want someone to go with you?" she asked with concern. I thought about Niall. how he tried to get me here with him.

"Well I declined, because I get the idea he thinks I'm a little child to be honest, he is a really good friend but sometimes over protective." Mark and Charlie shared a look and then smirked.

"That's so excited. What is his name. Really young love is really perfect. But do you like him too, that's the big question isn't it, but if you do I'm going to couple you the first moment we three are in a room together." he rambled and I couldn't follow it anymore.

"Uhm his name... don't laugh... is Niall. I know. but he doesn't like me in any sort of way. he has so many girls to choose from, he's actually really popular but why would he like me."

"Oh my Carmen so you like him, that's so cute. But really from the little thing you told me, I know he likes you. Guys aren't protective over a girl. Really they aren't. Except when they like her. That's the way they make sure they don't get a boyfriend, or get in contact with any other boys. This is so cute." Charlie squealed. She smiled again and I think she forgot about the thing that made her sad.

"yeah right, like I would like to see that." Charlie looked at me with thoughtful eyes, then her eyes widened. she just looked at me in shock.

"Mark would you like to leave us girls alone and go to over uhm..." she looked around and then spotted a group of guys, also waiting. "there." she pushed him into the direction.

"why did you do that?" I asked in confusion. she frowned, at me and then looked over my features again.

"you know, you could be honest with me. I won't tell anything." Charlie said softly, her eyes looked at me the same way as she spoke.

"what do you mean?" I pretended to be dumb. I knew she was talking about the fact Niall was indeed this Niall.

"does this Niall you know come from the same town as you, maybe Mullingar?" What, how did she know. maybe she guessed I opened my mouth to speak again, but Charlie didn't let me.

"the shock on your face tells me enough. you were friends before Niall became famous. weren't you? and don't lie to me. I know we can be great friends." she smiles, for some reason I believed her, I believed she could be my friend, and that I can trust her.

"fine, you're right, I knew him, and I still know him. but how do you know?" I asked. I was fair with her, she could return the favor. Charlie waited a bit before answering.

"you had an Irish accent, and to be honest not many people are named Niall." she said adding a smile, and I returned it.

"that's really clever, are you always so smart because I'm going to be feeling so stupid." we both laughed and Charlie smiled again, now showing her teeth which were pearl white and straight, not like Niall's before his braces.

"just noticed it, but we should enter the line we can almost go inside." she nudged me, and we walked to the big line. girls looked at us and some smiled and others just had those blank stares. we got in the good line, which was a bit shorter then the other lines. I think Niall got me a really expensive ticket, well for me it would be. for Niall, who is really rich, couldn't it be less, I think.

"what about Mark?" I asked, remembering him. Charlie laughed and pointed, I turned around and saw him talking to some guys come towards our line. Mark gave one a hug and they both separated.

"hey" Mark said bubbly. me and Charlie both burst out in laughter and Mark kept smiling, just like Charlie did, only not like her: al the time. not that I mind, I like seeing happy people.

"you had fun over there." Charlie teased, but Mark's smile only grew more.

"you bet I did, I even got a few numbers, isn't that cool. they told me I was fit." he smiled proudly. and we both bobbled our head in understanding.

"that's great, but we can almost go in, we should prepare." I told them my thoughts and they nodded as the line shove forward. we got to the entrance, and all we could hear were girls squealing and giggling. I don't know how Niall can handle all this.

I gave the man my ticket and got inside. Charlie and mark had to wait another person because she pushed them aside when it was their turn.

"sorry miss, but you can't get in." the buff man told her, and she frowned in confusion. "this ticket it fake, I'm sorry. would you please get out of the line." the girl's bottom lip started trembling and then she broke out in sobs. tears streamed down her face and she begged the buff man to let her in, but he shook his head and an other her pushed her carefully out the line where she would be sobbing for a while, I think.

It was quite sad, I wanted to give her my ticket, so she could see them. she looked so sad. I couldn't handle seeing people that way.

"so sad." Charlie spoke my thought.

"her own fault. she shouldn't have pushed us aside." Mark grumbled, and we all nodded our head knowing he had a point, but I still thought it was sad. everyone should have the right to see their idols. no matter how big they are.

Charlie gave me a look, and we walked to the concert hall. I couldn't help the excitement bubbling up in me. I've never heard them together, not this way. I have heard Niall though, when we were younger he showed interest in singing, I always told him to follow his dreams, and to try out some show. he did at the end. I couldn't help but feel happy for him, I always would, when we were younger, now. and in the future.

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