Death Track

Carmen is in love with her best friend. Which had benefits in her opinion. Because she's sick, she's deadly sick, and this best friend happens to be the reason why she keeps fighting the disease. But when her friend goes to try out for the X-factor, she lost her will to live. Her friend became famous without her knowing, she spends most of her time in the hospital. She keeps living for three years. But when she meets her friend unexpectedly in a hospital, things change. And Carmen can only hope things change for the better. Or will she fall back into the dark black hole that's called love.


20. Chapter 20 Drivers Argument

Niall's pov

I saw her walk toward Jordy and I felt the jealousy inside me boil up. why did she always want to go to him. I knew she didn't like me, that was obvious. but she was the only girl I actually cared for, and she was the only one who actually cared for the real me. most girls just want to date me because I'm so called popular. I watched her walk to him and kiss his cheek, him being a dork blushed. he couldn't treat a girl right, specially not a special girl like Carmen. Carmen was special and she needed special treatment. not someone who just played the dork.

"NIALL" I heard Mandy from behind me, I turned around and forced a smile on my face. I decided to date her, secretly I wanted to make Carmen jealous, like she had done with me. but sadly that didn't work. she once in a while glared at Mandy but I never got a reaction out of her. I hope this crush is over soon.

"what love." I grabbed her waist and let my hand slip down to her butt. that's what I don't mind at this relationship. it's like an friends with benefits relationship for me. but she didn't seem to notice.

"I want to go on a date again."

"if that's what you want love." I smirked and pecked her lips. she smiled at me and slid her finger down to the beginning of my shirt.

"tonight," she bit her lip looked down and then looked up. "at my house." she smirked seductivly. but the only one who could turn me on that way was Carmen.

maybe if I agreed with Mandy I would forget about Carmen, she was making me mad without even knowing it.

"maybe." I pecked her lips once again.

and bobbled my way towards where I last saw Carmen. she was talking to one of her friends. I wanted to interrupt their conversation and waltz in. but I was curious and decided to eavesdrop.

"I don't know what to do anymore. I can't be in a relationship like this." Carmen groaned.

"maybe if you just told him, he would confess too." her friend tried.

"of course not, have you seen him he would never like a girl like me, specially not love me." she threw her hands up in frustration.

why was she saying this, she already had Jordy as her boyfriend. does she love him, doesn't he want to confess his love towards her.

"maybe you should just tell Niall." her friend tried. wait what how was I involved in this. ow wait I was her best friend.

"yes, but it could ruin our friendship and you know that. I don't want that he will hate me forever, and think I'm weird." Carmen wined.

"but what if he loves you too." that made my heart skip a beat. she was interested in me, not only interested she actually liked me.

"we al know he doesn't everyone knows he is madly in love with Mandy. besides he only is my friend because he pities me." she really thought that. I don't want to hear more. this really made my day. my girl liked me too, and yes MY girl. now I can call her mine because the feelings aren't one sided anymore.

"Carmen." I opened my arms for her to hug me. she looked shocked, and afraid to. was she really that afraid of me hearing that. I closed my arms around Carmen and she was really tense in my arms.

"shhh" I whispered in her strawberry blond hair. I totally loved here hair, it's so rare these days.

"Niall" she whispered back.

"Carmen you should know I really liked you and that I wasn't hanging out because I pitied you, more like loved you" I told her in all honesty, I think she has the right to know.

"What do you mean?" she asked as she moved from her seat in the car. we had today an announcement concert for our upcoming tour.

"when we were younger, I really liked you and liked hanging out with you." I told her, she had a confused expression on her face even after I explained it.

"but why are you saying this, I knew you were my friend." she smiled so innocent, and I could see it was fake, I could see she was thinking about worse things again. Like how did I know or why did he say that.

"I know, I just thought it would be nice to say to you. because you were always so tense when I wanted to talk about something serious." I lied. I couldn't tell her I eavesdropped and tried giving her hints from me liking her, she maybe would feel stupid knowing Carmen she probably would.

"that is just... just.. just because of.. of reasons you don't need to know." she snapped and I chuckled knowing I made her mad. she squinted her eyes at me and turned her head to the tv. why would she be tense other wise.

"if you say so. but would you like to go to our little concert for our upcoming tour?" I asked, I could maybe convince management about Elle. she should look for someone who could bare with her, she's nice and al but she's just is really stupid and almost killed my friend/crush.

I chuckled at my thoughts. crush? I looked at Carmen and she was looking out the window now, thinking about my question, becasue she wore a confused expression.

"I would like to see you preform but I don't want to be with you, otherwise I can't make friends. I want friends and if they know I know you or the other boys they're not going to be my real friends I think you already know." I bobbled my head in a yes.

"okay, but I'll let someone drive you, and I'm keeping my eye on you." I winked and her cheeks turned a light pink colour, she quickly turned away when she noticed she was blushing. I smirked, I didn't knew I had this affect on her. still

"you really don't have to, I can take a taxi," she smiled and she looked so peaceful I really don't know why, but she did look like that.

"but no, I insist. really I'm your friend and I can afford it, and you're living with me, and that means I'm going to take care of you." she frowned when I spoke my last words.

"you can't take care of me, no one needs to do that. there will be an end for me soon enough." she looked sadder, not so peaceful as before. and I didn't like it.

"don't think like that." I stepped closer to her and she flinched away. "you're not going to die, we're going to find you another muse." I smiled secretly hopping it would be me once again.

"I don't think that will help Niall." she smiled bravelly.

"please don't say that, don't say that please...." I hesitated before I let the words role of my thong. "....for me" I looked up and scooted again closer, her eyes widened. I think she hasn't thought about kissing me, but I dreamed of kissing her. but dreams are to be made true aren't they.

I took her hands in mine, but didn't break eye contact. I leaned closer just like the night I left for the xfactor. but this time it wasn't for my lips to land on her cheek, no her lips were the right place now. I leaned in closer and I could feel her breath, it was heavily breath. I closed the gap between us and was going to kiss her.

she placed her hand on my chest and looked really sad, she looked up with guilty eyes.

"Niall I can't, you don't want to kiss me." on that moment the car stopped for the ice shop we were heading to, and Carmen quickly got out. she rubbed her arms and waited for me to come out. so I did, and quickly got my jacked off, I draped it around her arms, but she shook her head.

"no, it will be warm inside." she smiled and her bottom lip trilled, she gave my jacked back and quickly walked to the entrance. why was she so subborn.

I walked after her and opened the door for her, she nodded her head and walked in still rubbing her arms. we walked to the front and Carmen looked at the ice cream. she smiled and then quickly order, I did the same. we walked to a little table where we could sit with us two.

"you know." I started. "I'm not cold you could borrow my jacked" she shot me a glare and crossed her arms over her chest. "just saying." I chuckled and an smile appeared on her face.

"you know I could just take a taxi." she looked up from her ice cream and a little bit was on the out side of her mouth, which was adorable. she didn't care how she ate around me, unlike Elle she firstly barely ate and she would always eat like she was in a five star restaurant. not that we ever went there. I would take Carmen there though. but I think she prefers MacDonalds.

"But I would like just to know Someone drivers you, you know." I spoke hoping she would chance her mind.

"But I've never been in a taxi before, specially not in London." She blinked her eyes twice and gave me a beautiful smile.

"Fine." I gave in, she squealed in happiness. "But.. You have to promise me that you'll go home with." She thought about it and took another bite of her ice cream.

"Except if I find friends and they van drive me."

"Deal." I shook her hand. I took another bite of my ice cream and watched Carmen struggle to get some ice cream out of the cup that was defiantly empty, I chuckled and her head shot up. she blushed but I shook my head and handed her my cup which was half filled.

"no really I'm fine, mine is even more full than yours." she spoke sarcasticly.

"I'm done anyway, and you aren't and there is a snack table at the concert anyway." she smiled and took it and after a few moments of silence I heard the spoon hitting the bottom of her cup once again.

"we should go." I spoke and Carmen nodded her head in a 'yes' I stood up and waited for Carmen to do the same. we walked to the exit and I once again held the door for her.

"thanks." she mumbled quietly, I smiled and after this moment I could never forget how much Carmen could. one of the things she loved, and I adored.

I called a taxi over and gave Carmen more then enough money to pay the taxi driver. she smiled and waved before stepping in and that's how the taxi drove of.

I walked to my own car and made sure I would come safely to the concert. I drove to the back entrance and quickly parked my car and made a run for the entrance. hoping no fan would see me, my head was a big mess at this moment and I couldn't place why.

maybe the concert would give me some distraction.

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