Death Track

Carmen is in love with her best friend. Which had benefits in her opinion. Because she's sick, she's deadly sick, and this best friend happens to be the reason why she keeps fighting the disease. But when her friend goes to try out for the X-factor, she lost her will to live. Her friend became famous without her knowing, she spends most of her time in the hospital. She keeps living for three years. But when she meets her friend unexpectedly in a hospital, things change. And Carmen can only hope things change for the better. Or will she fall back into the dark black hole that's called love.


14. Chapter 14 Food Fight

Do you know that feeling, that feeling when your stomach is feeling weird, your cheeks heat up, you start smiling madly. that feeling you're in love. The feeling there is someone you care so much about. And deep inside you hope you share the same feelings. But you know it's not, as you see him holding someone else. Someone who is prettier, more beautiful, better, just better than you. Better in every way. That is the thing that is crushing you. To know he won't be yours. That is how I feel. How I feel as I see him, as I see him with her.

"Could you help me with this?" Niall asked. And his blue eyes sparkled as they reached mine. He still had that cute smile plastered on his face.

"Uhm o-okay." I stuttered not even knowing why. It was Niall for my sake. Well that can be a reason why. I mean it's Niall for my sake. It's just the way you say it.

He gave me some eggs, and a bowl. I looked down at them, weird he was never the baker kind of type. He really wasn't. He was the kind of person who would just mess everything up and ruin it for the others.

"What do you need this for." I placed the things on the kitchen table. As Niall pushed more things into my hands which is placed on the table too. He was practically getting everything out of the cabinets.

"I'm going to bake." He says with all seriousness. I mean like I hadn't seen that. Maybe I just asked because I wasn't to sure. I burst out laughing.

"You? baking? Don't hurt yourself Niall" I took some more baking ingredients from him and placed then on the kitchen table too. It was beginning to be a big pile right now. It should've been. I just had made it look like a pile.

"But you're helping me you know that right?" I quickly stopped laughing, as he looked up his face straight, not showing any emotion.

"What!" I frowned. "my baking skills can be compared with a those from a book. Well yours too of course. I even think you're worse. Maybe like a rock. Does that sound appealing to you Niall. It does to me" I rant on about Niall being compared to a rock. Niall chuckled lightly.

"I think we're in this together." He puts an arm around my shoulders. but I back away, faking I'm reading a book for the recipe. But that doesn't work as I read it upside down. Yeah, didn't saw that at first.

"So what are we making?" Niall looked around, and then shrugged. And then looked at all the ingredients thinking maybe there would magically appear some kind of answer. Or maybe for inspiration, I really had no idea.

"I think we're going to bake... uhm a cake?"

"I'm fine with that, it's unhealthy." I smiled and then turned my attention back to the book, making sure not to look in his big blue eyes. Now making sure I wasn't reading upside down. Like who even does that!

I noticed the book I was holding was upside down again. How did I manage that again. Didn't I flip it around? I quickly turned it around, earning chuckles from Niall. I rolled my eyes, hoping he would see it, and proceeded reading.

"So what do we do first chef?" I asked, putting the book down. Pretending to be a cook and he was supposed to help me. Again we're in this together.

"First we do this," he grabbed a bowl, and started mixing stuff. I didn't even know he knew, what he was doing when he told me 'we're going to bake an cake'

I couldn't follow it anymore. So at the end I only put the cake in the oven. Yeah that's what I call team work.

"That was fun." I said as I watched the cake in the oven. It didn't do a thing, if you care to know.

"No this is fun." I turned around to give Niall a confused look. But before I could say anything, he threw flour in my face. He started laughing, and before I knew it I had thrown something at him. He looked shocked. What was quite funny because his face was white all over. He picked up the bowl with left overs and threw some at me. I picked up eggs and cracked them above his head. I laughed, and he did the same. The only thing I didn't see was, that Niall picked up the bowl with whipped cream. So I had a lot of whipped cream in my hair the other moment. I stared at him. and picked up the chocolate bowl, and wiped it across his face, and in his hair. I looked around for more baking supply but didn't found any. I saw Niall did the same, and I let out a giggled.

"That was indeed fun." he smiled widely, and then ran to me and gave me a hug, he ran too fast and we both lost balance. So this was awkward he laid on top of me, great. but he didn't even try to get up, he stared down at me, and I felt quiet uncomfortable under his gaze.

"Could you maybe get off of me?" I asked him, but he totally ignored me. And kept staring at me, not to forget about the baking ingredients on my face.

"Niall. What are you doing? with her." she said angry, really disgust and angry when she said 'her'.

"We fell." I explained, as I tried to get Niall off of me. He was quite heavy so don't judge me. Or maybe I'm just weak. I think I like the first option better.

"Yeah right. you did. You better stay away from him, he doesn't like you, he likes me, he would never like someone like you." She said the word 'you' like it was some disease a.k.a. me. She stamped on the floor, and angrily walked away. Was she forgotten Niall was here too, or was she just stupid.

"Nice girlfriend you have there." I joked. Niall rolled his eyes at me, and I smirked. I guess there is true love in anything, isn't there. Again my sarcasm.

"She is sweet, you just didn't see her good side." He defended her. This time I rolled my eyes. Was he kidding me. She didn't have a good side, nor is she sweet. She is only dating Niall because he is famous, he is only one of her victims. Well, I can really think of another reason why she would date him.

"Niall I don't think she has one." I say with all honesty. But maybe I'm just jealous. I know I envy her, but if you knew Niall, you would too. Niall didn't response, he just walked out of the door. Just like that, not even giving me a last glance, or saying bye. He just walked out. Probably going after Elle. I could never be her. She was pretty, beautiful, amazing for Niall, everything I wasn't. She was worth it. She was good enough for Niall. Unlike me. I want to say she's smart, because usually you say that about girls you envy. I would, if she wasn't that stupid. I question myself, how did she even got him to be with her.

He was perfect.

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