Death Track

Carmen is in love with her best friend. Which had benefits in her opinion. Because she's sick, she's deadly sick, and this best friend happens to be the reason why she keeps fighting the disease. But when her friend goes to try out for the X-factor, she lost her will to live. Her friend became famous without her knowing, she spends most of her time in the hospital. She keeps living for three years. But when she meets her friend unexpectedly in a hospital, things change. And Carmen can only hope things change for the better. Or will she fall back into the dark black hole that's called love.


12. Chapter 12 Support

Niall's pov

"PLEASE." I heard Carmen scream. I casually fell out of my bed, then -when I finally managed to stand up- I ran to the door I had heard her. It was Harry's. god my jealousy only grew. why would Harry do this to me, he knew that I could overeact like an over protectevive brother.

you mean boyfriend

I ran into the room, the first thing I saw was Harry on top of Carmen. You could see her pink bra, but something wasn't right. Her eyes were closed, and she don't move. what did he do. I'm going to kill my mate.

"CARMEN." I screamed. I ran to them, and pushed Harry off of her. I shook her, but her body stayed limp. I felt her pulse I still felt her heart thumping agaisnt my finger. I was relieved, but she still didn't move.

"Call someone." I yelled. as I tried getting her in my arms around her waist, but not before pulling her dress up properly.

Harry scrambled up, and he took his phone. I pulled Carmen up, and picked her up bridal style. She laid limp in my arms, and I started to panic, but couldn't help but think how weightless she felt.

I rushed outside, to my car.

Carmen please be alright. I can't live without you, you're my best friend.

I laid her in the back of my car, and closed the doors. I ran to the other side and stepped in. I started my car and quickly drove off. I know who puts a girl in his own trunk. but firstly my trunk is rather big, and secondly I didn't think. my best friend could be dying.

"Please help me." I said as I rushed into the hospital. Nurses came to me and laid Carmen on a stretcher. To drive her away and I tried following her, but a hand held me. it gripped onto my arm keeping me from walking any further.

"You have to stay here." The nurse said. but I couldn't leave her alone, I simply couldn't

"Can't I go with her?" I pleaded. but the nurse shook her head sadly. she probaly heard it so many times.

"No you can't." The nurse simply said, I fell into a seat and just waited. my hands in my head crying. I can't lose her, she's my everything.

"NIALL." someone shouted. I tilted my head, and I saw Louis standing in front of me. I smiled weakly. Then I saw Harry, how dare he. coming here like this wasn't his fault. How dare he.

"YOU." I shot up from my chair, and walked over to him. well more, I stomped towards him.

"How could you!" I tried hitting him, but Liam tried holding me. yes tried. I tried getting out of Liam's tight grip, but Liam is really, really strong if I say the least.

"I didn't do a thing, we were just busy and then she fainted. I didn't do a thing I swear. I wanted to help her, I really wanted to." he said, but I wasn't sure if I should believe him.

"You bastard, she could have died." I cried. I wanted to hit him again, but Liam still had a hand placed on my chest and Zayn stood in front of Harry.

"Niall. Calm down he did nothing." Zayn tried calming me down. I breathed heavily, and then looked up again. she can still die. suddenly the thought ran through my mind. she wouldn't die, she simply wouldn't. I need her, I lost her for to long.

"Sorry." I mumbled. but if I really meant it was a question for all of them.

"I guess you're just jealous." Louis smiled, I shot him a glare, but he just laughed, and the others did too, even Harry let a slight chuckle escape his lips.

"You can't deny it, you were jealous." Liam smirked, always quiet Liam has to say something about this.

"I was not." I said defending myself. couldn't they just see Carmen meant something to me, in none other way then friends.

"If you say so." he says not very convincing. I just roll my eyes at him. Sometimes he gets on my nerves really. Couldn't they just keep their thoughts for themselves.

"Miss Midland." an other nurse waltzed into the waiting room. She had blond dyed hair and looked like she wore to much make up.

"I'm looking for Niall?" she asked looking around. A bubbling feeling rushed inside of me. I couldn't help it, she asked for me

"Me!" I quickly shot up, and walked towards the nurse. The nurse looked startled first, but them batted her eyelashes.

"Room 42." she said, while turning around moving her hips slightly from side to side a bit more then de should have.

I still knew the way to her room somehow. The last time I was in a wheelchair, but now I'm walking by myself. I guess there isn't much of a difference.

"Nock, nock." I opened the door, and there laid a very ill looking Carmen. A smile lit up her face when she saw me.

"Are you alright?" I rushed to her side, and gave her a tight squeeze. Her hand felt warm against mine.

"No not really." She smiled weakly. Her smile just seemed real, even if she looked like shit. but to me still perfect.

Stop the thoughts Horan

"What happened." She looked away from me, and her eyes landed on the floor. She wasn't answering. I just knew it was something bad.

"I'm sick." She whispered.

"Then why didn't you tell us, we could take care of you." she shook her head no. It was confusing me. Of course we could give her warm soup and rest. That would clear her sickness up.

"I'm seriously ill Niall." She looked back, her big blue eyes starting into mine. Butterflies fluttered into my stomach. God can't she just look at the floor again.

"It can't be that serious." I tried, but a horrible feeling was felt in the pit of my stomach.

"You know when you were leaving for the X-Factor." I nodded and she continued. "It all started then. Then the disease I had was innocent and not harmful, but after a year, I fainted. then it became serious. And then I knew I uhm that I......" she mumbled the last part so soft I couldn't hear it.

"What? what did you know?" I asked curious. I can help her, I can make sure she gets well again.

"You were gone." She whispers, tears dripping off of her cheeks. I reached out and wiped then away. Was it wrong that I left, I could have stayed for her sake.

"And you tell me this why?" I asked, as I laid my hand on hers for support. She was trembling and her hands were shaking.

"I didn't had a muse for living anymore." She then started sobbing, and I quickly pulled her into a hug. She flinched a bit but then gave in.

"I couldn't be your muse." I whisper into her ear. Her breathing stopped for a moment and she left out a long sigh.

"You were." she took a deep breath in. And then a silence filled the air, she was thinking about something, it's like she didn't want to say what she was about to say.

"Maybe this is a wrong moment to tell you this. But you were my muse because I loved you. But no worries I'm over you." She giggled. Something in me died that moment. She loved me? She even loved me when I was leaving. I knew she liked me, but love?

"That was embarrassing." she blushed. It's cute when she blushes.

God stop the thoughts Niall, she's just your friends and nothing more. Besides she wouldn't even like you.

"It's not." I laughed too, but deep down I felt horrible. Horrible she got over the crush. not that I'm telling her that.

"You didn't like me then, did you." she frowned. But then she smiled, her frown vanishing like it wasn't even there.

I shook my head. She nodded with a smile. But I could see right through it because it was fake. Yes I did like her then. But I wasn't going to tell her that, not now and not then.

"Maybe we should get you out of here."

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